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A list of Portuguese Bilderberg participants

79 Portuguese visitors have attended the Bilderberg.

Jose Pedro Aguiar-BrancoPortugal18 July 1957Single Bilderberger Portuguese Defence minister
Maria Luís AlbuquerquePortugal16 September 1967Former Portuguese Minister of Finance
Clara Ferreira AlvesPortugal2 August 1956Portuguese journalist who attended the 2011 Bilderberg
Luís AmadoPortugal17 September 1953Portuguese politician who attended the 2012 Bilderberg
Joaquim do AmaralPortugalApril 1945Portuguese politician who attended the 1999 Bilderberg
Luis Mira AmaralPortugal4 December 1945
Paula AmorimPortugal21 January 1971Portuguese businesswoman
José Luis ArnautPortugal4 March 1963Single Bilderberg Portuguese politician
Francisco Pinto BalsemãoPortugal1 September 1937>30 Bilderbergs, Bilderberg Steering committee, Prime Minister of Portugal
Estela BarbotPortugal19 May 1959Portugese Bilderberg, TLC, Club of Rome...
Antonio BarretoPortugal30 October 1942
José Manuel BarrosoPortugal23 March 1956Bilderberg Steering committee, President of the European Commission
Leonor BelezaPortugal23 November 1948
António BorgesPortugal18 November 194925 August 2013
Maria CarrilhoPortugal9 July 1951
Vitor ConstancioPortugal12 October 1943Portuguese central banker. Vice President of the European Central Bank, 3 Bilderbergs
António CostaPortugal17 July 1961
Miguel Horta e CostaPortugal28 July 1948
Vasco Pereira CoutinhoPortugal13 May 1952
José Manuel Torres CoutoPortugal1 February 1947
João Cardona G. CravinhoPortugal19 September 1936
José CutileiroPortugal20 November 1934
Joao EstarrejaPortugal
Elisa Guimarães FerreiraPortugal17 October 1955
Jose Medeiros FerreiraPortugal194218 March 2014
Bernardino GomesPortugal22 June 19342006
José Luis GomesPortugal
Teresa Patrício GouveiaPortugal18 July 1946
Eduardo Marçal GriloPortugal
António GuterresPortugal30 April 1949Bilderberger US Secretary general
António Nogueira LeitePortugal3 March 1962
Manuela Ferreira LeitePortugal3 December 1940Portuguese politician. Attended the Bilderberg in 1996 and 2009
Ernani Rodrigues LopesPortugal20 February 19422010
Pedro M. Santana LopesPortugal29 June 1956
Paulo MacedoPortugal14 July 1963Single Bilderberg Portuguese Minister of Health
Rui MachetePortugal7 April 1940
Margarida MarantePortugal
Guilherme d'Oliveira MartinsPortugal
Rogerio MartinsPortugal
Leonardo MathiasPortugal
Marcello MathiasPortugal
Inês de MedeirosPortugal15 April 1968
Fernando MedinaPortugal10 March 1973up-and-coming Portuguese politician
Vasco de MelloPortugal
Jose Eduardo MonizPortugal6 May 1952
Carlos MonjardinoPortugal
Isabel MotaPortugal
Vasco Graça MouraPortugal3 January 194227 April 2014
Francisco Murteira NaboPortugal
Alberto NogueiraPortugal17 September 191814 March 1993
Fernando Faria de OlivieraPortugal10 October 1941
Andre Goncalves PereiraPortugal26 July 19369 September 2019
Carlos PimentaPortugal1958
Manuel PinhoPortugal28 October 1954
Alexandre de Azeredo Vaz PintoPortugal10 May 1939
Francisco Lucas PiresPortugal19 October 194422 May 1998
Paulo PortasPortugal12 September 1962Portuguese Defence & Foreign minister. Like his predecessor in both roles, Luís Amado, a single Bilderberger
Paulo RangelPortugal18 February 1968
Rui RioPortugal6 August 1957Portuguese politician
Eduardo Ferro RodriguesPortugal3 November 1949
Manoel Sarmento RodriguesPortugal18991979
Ricardo SalgadoPortugal
Jorge SampaioPortugal18 September 1939
Fernando Teixeira dos SantosPortugal13 September 1951
Nicolau SantosPortugal
Nuno Brederode SantosPortugal19442017
Nuno Morais SarmentoPortugal
António José SeguroPortugal11 March 1962
Artur Santos SilvaPortugal
Augosto Santos SilvaPortugal20 August 1956
Carlos Gomes da SilvaPortugal
Jorge Moreira da SilvaPortugal24 April 1971
Manuel R. Espirito Santo SilvaPortugal30 September 190828 January 1973
Jose SocratesPortugal6 September 1957
Marcelo Rebelo de SousaPortugal12 December 1948
Ruy Ennes UlrichPortugal20 April 188320 June 1966
Miguel VeigaPortugal30 June 193614 JL
Emilio Rui VilarPortugal17 May 1939
António VitorinoPortugal12 January 1957

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