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A list of British Bilderberg participants

293 British visitors have attended the Bilderberg.

Antony AclandUK12 March 1930Bilderberger diplomat
Andrew AdonisUK22 February 1963Labour party politician and Bilderberger. Vice Chairman of the European Movement (UK)
Marcus AgiusUK22 July 1946Bilderberg trustees, Chairman of Barclays and of the British Bankers Association
Terence AireyUK9 July 190026 March 1983Early Bilderberg Steering committee. UK soldier
Helen AlexanderUK10 February 19575 August 2017British businesswoman with numerous directorships. After several decades as an executive at The Economist, she attended the 2013 and 2014 Bilderberg meetings. Selected a WEF Global Leader for Tomorrow 1999.
Barbara AmielUK4 December 1940Married Conrad Black in 1992. Accompanied him to the 1993 Bilderberg
Michael AngusUK5 May 193013 March 2010Chairman of Unilever. Attended the 1987 Bilderberg
Timothy Garton AshUK12 July 1955UK historian, Ditchley Governor with other connections. Presented a paper to the 1989 Bilderberg. Subsequently attended two more, over a span of 30 years.
Eric AshbyUK24 August 190422 October 1992Celebrated and much travelled UK academic who advised the 1970 Bilderberg on "The Environmental Problem".
Paddy AshdownUK24 February 194122 December 2018Chatham House President for 10 years. MI6 operative and UK politician
Ralph AsshetonUK24 February 19011984Lord Clitheroe, Chairman of the Conservative Party in the 1940s, attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s.
David AstorUK5 March 19127 December 2001The Observer Editor for over 25 years, attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Graham AveryUKFebruary 1945UK businessman, Chief Adviser for Enlargement, European Community
Ed BallsUK25 February 1967UK politician. 7 Bilderbergs
John BaringUK2 November 1928Director of the Bank of England, attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1980s
David BarranUK23 May 19122002One of the UK's "most articulate spokesmen for free enterprise"
Edward Beddington-BehrensUK2 February 189728 November 1968Deputy Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service for a year during WW2. Attended the 1958 Bilderberg.
Zanny Minton BeddoesUK1967Financial journalist, Bilderberger, IMF economist under Jeffrey Sachs
John BellCanada
1 July 1952Medical researcher who attended the 2013 Bilderberg. Appointed to the UK Vaccine Task Force. Became a center of attention when he stated that COVID-19 vaccines "are unlikely to completely sterilize a population".
Frederic BennettUK2 December 191814 September 2002Parliamentary Private Secretary to Reginald Maudling, Privy Counsellor, Bilderberg Steering committee
Victor Cavendish BentinckUK18 June 189730 July 1990Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, diplomat, 7 Bilderbergs
Conrad BlackCanada
25 August 1944Fraudulent Bilderberg steering committee member
Tessa BlackstoneUK27 September 1942UK academic who attended the 1990 Bilderberg as a Member of the House of Lords
Tony BlairUK6 May 1953Remarkably popular at the time, Tony Blair was a UK prime minister, now infamous for lying the UK into invading Iraq, notwithstanding massive opposition. He is currently sought for War crimes by many people.
Tom BoardmanUK12 January 191910 March 2003UK soldier politician banker who attended the 1986 Bilderberg
Nicholas BolesUK2 November 1965Notting Hill Set UK politician, Director of Policy Exchange
Alan BoothUK19111990British Christian leader and Co-founder of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Bilderberg/1968.
Robert BoothbyUK12 February 190016 July 1986British politician and UK deep state operative, Clermont Set, Bilderberg
Rodric BraithwaiteUK17 May 1932Last UK Ambassador to USSR, first to post-soviet Russia. Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee 1992-3. 1993 Bilderberg, became The Britain-Russia Centre and the British East-West Centre/Director in 1994
Thomas BrandUK30 March 190017 October 1965UK financier who attended the 1961 Bilderberg
Maurice BridgemanUK26 January 190418 June 1980UK Businessman who attended the 1968 Bilderberg as Chair of BP
Leon BrittanUK25 September 193921 January 2015former European Commissioner
George BrownUK2 September 19142 June 1985Double Bilderberger UK politician
Gordon BrownUK20 February 1951UK deep state functionary. Prime Minister from 2007-2010. WHO ambassador for Global Health Financing from 2021
H. John C. BrowneUK21 December 192323 July 2015British businessman who worked for the Swire Group. Important Taipan and leader in British Hong Kong, where he was Unofficial Member of the Executive Council.
John Browne (Executive)UK20 February 1948UK businessman and former CEO of BP. He proposed a merger of Shell and BP at the 2004 Bilderberg.
Alastair BuchanUK9 September 19184 February 1976Son of a spook, propagandist and UK deep state operative. Commandant of the Imperial Defence College, four Bilderbergs
Robin BuchananUKApril 1952Triple Bilderberger US businessman
Anthony BuzzardUK28 April 190210 March 1972Director of UK Naval Intelligence from 1951-1954. Attended the 3rd and 4th Bilderbergs after retiring
James CallaghanUK27 March 191226 March 2005Attended the 12th Bilderberg in 1963. Later picked as head of the UK labour party. PM for 3 years in the late 1970s
Mark CarneyCanada
16 March 1965Goldman Sachs Governor of the Bank of Canada then the Bank of England, G30, Triple citizenship, No shortage of Bilderbergs or WEF Annual Meetings
Peter CarringtonUK6 June 19199 July 2018UK Deep politician. Bilderberg chairman. President of the Pilgrims Society. Secretary General of NATO. Chairman of the UK Conservative Party. Busy guy.
Anthony CaryUKBritish diplomat who attended the 2003 Bilderberg meeting.
Frederick CatherwoodUK30 January 192530 November 2015UK MP who attended the 1971 Bilderberg
Paul ChambersUK19041981Chairman of ICI. Attended the 1963 and 1968 Bilderbergs.
Kenneth ClarkeUK2 July 1940Bilderberg Steering committee, The Other Club, UK politician. When former child actor Ben Fellows went public with accusations that Clarke had assaulted him, Fellows was prosecuted for "attempting to pervert the course of justice".
Ralph CochraneUK24 February 189517 December 1977RAF Air Chief Marshal, Bilderberg
John CockroftUK6 July 1934UK politician and financial journalist. Board of the European Movement (UK) 1973-74. Attended 1971 Bilderberg meeting.
Andrew CohenUK7 October 190917 June 1968UK colonial administrator who attended the 1966 Bilderberg
Timothy CollinsUKApril 1960UK soldier, attended all the Bilderberg meetings from 2003 to 2012
B. D. CookeUKSingle Bilderberger UK businessman
Sherard Cowper-ColesUK8 January 1955Spooky UK diplomat
Percy CradockUK26 October 192322 January 2010UK spook, Chairman of the UK Joint Intelligence Committee, Bilderberg 1992, Le Cercle
James CraigUK13 July 192426 September 2017UK diplomat helped introduce the session on The Gulf And Afghanistan at the 1988 Bilderberg.
Geoffrey CrowtherUK13 May 19075 February 1972Attended the Bilderberg in the 1950s twice as Editor of the Economist
John CryanUK16 December 1960UK businessman who attended the 2016 Bilderberg as Deutsche Bank CEO. Proponent of abolition of cash.
Ralf DahrendorfGermany
1 May 192917 June 2009German born philosopher. Regular contributor to Bilderberg meetings.
Frank DarvallUK16 April 190621 May 1987UK labour leader who attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Clement DaviesUK19 February 188423 March 1962Attended the first Bilderberg as Leader of the UK Liberal Party
Ian DavisUK10 March 1951English businessman associated with McKinsey & Company. Attended Bilderberg/2013.
Ian Hay DavisonUKJune 1931Single Bilderberg UK banker. Managed the rapid growth of the accounting company Arthur Andersen in the UK.
Richard DearloveUK23 January 1945Head of MI6 from 1999 to 2004. Publicly announced in 2020 that he believed Covid-19 came from a laboratory.
Edmund DellUK15 August 19211 November 1999Attended the 1978 Bilderberg as Secretary of State for Trade. Ditched Labour in 1981 for the well-financed Social Democratic Party.
Sefton DelmerUK24 May 19044 September 1979WWII UK propagandist, single Bilderberger
Alec DonkinUKOrganiser of the 1986 Bilderberg
Alec Douglas-HomeUK2 July 19039 October 1995UK Prime Minister. Bilderberg chairman. Member of the Other Club
Ann DowlingUK15 July 1952Head of the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, on the board of BP. Attended the 2015 Bilderberg
Eric DrakeUK29 November 191031 October 1996UK oil executive invited to the 1973 Bilderberg
François DucheneUK
17 February 192712 July 2005Spooky key adviser to Jean Monnet
William DuncanUK16 December 19225 November 1984Scottish businessman who attended the 1980 Bilderberg
James EberleUK31 May 192717 May 2018Chatham House Director in retirement
Nicholas EdenUK3 October 193017 August 1985Son of UK PM Anthony Eden
Ronald EdwardsUK18 January 1976UK businessman and academic.
John EganUK1939Went to the 1986 Bilderberg as Jaguar CEO
William ElliotUK3 June 189627 June 1971RAF commander, Bilderberger
Rodney EltonUK2 March 1930British Conservative politician and former member of the House of Lords. Attended the 1977 Bilderberg.
Rona FairheadUK28 August 1961Chairwoman of the BBC Trust, Member of the House of Lords, Single Bilderberg
Niall FergusonUK18 April 1964Poly Bilderberger Hoover Institution Fellow historian, WEF YGL 2005, attended the WEF/Annual Meeting/2020
Jeremy FlemingUKDeputy Director of MI5, Director of GCHQ since 2017. Attended his first Bilderberg in 2019.
Douglas J. FlintUK8 July 1955HSBC chair, multi-Bilderberg
Charles ForteUK26 November 190828 February 2007UK hotelier. Single Bilderberger
Adrian FortescueUKJune 1941August 2004Spooky UK panelist at the 2002 Bilderberg. Son-in-law of Winston Churchill. Died in 2004
Oliver FranksUK16 February 190515 October 1992Bilderberg UK Ambassador to the US, 'One of the founders of the postwar world'.
Lawrence FreedmanUK7 December 1948Emeritus Professor of War Studies at King's College London, single Bilderberger
David Maxwell FyfeUK29 May 190027 January 1967Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, Attorney General for England and Wales, Triple Bilderberg
Hugh GaitskellUK9 April 190618 January 1963A UK Labour politician who reportedly died of a rare illness in hospital.
Robert Gascoyne-CecilUK30 September 1946Bilderberg, Le Cercle, The Other Club, Ditchley Governor
C. J. GeddesUK1 March 18972 May 1983British trade union leader who later was knighted
Reay GeddesUK7 May 191219 February 1998Chairman of Dunlop, Bilderberger
Frank GilesUK31 July 191930 October 2019UK editor who attended the 1974 Bilderberg as Sunday Times Deputy editor. Pushed out by Rupert Murdoch.
Brian GilvaryUKBig oil Bilderberg banker
Paul GirolamiItaly
25 January 1926Single Bilderberger Glaxo CEO
Helen GoodmanUK2 January 1958UK MP who attended the 2016 Bilderberg
Archibald GordonUK9 July 19137 September 1984One time Bilderberger, Scottish peer.
Philip GouldUK30 March 19506 November 2011UK political adviser who attended the 2003 Bilderberg
Denis GreenhillUK19132000Spooky diplomat whose cable concerning the expulsion of the inhabitants of the Chagos Islands which was "condescending, misogynistic and racist, even by 1960s standards."
Justine GreeningUK30 April 1969Attended the 2014 Bilderberg as UK/Secretary of State for International Development
Ronald GriersonUK6 August 192123 October 2014Spooky financier/businessman
Brian GriffithsUK27 December 1941UK politician, adviser to Margaret Thatcher. Goldman Sachs
Joseph GrimondUK29 July 191324 October 1993Attended the 1958 Bilderberg as leader of the UK Liberal Party
Colin GubbinsUK2 July 189611 February 1976Bilderberg invitee and spook
Stuart GulliverUK9 March 1959British financier and tax-avoidance expert
William HagueUK26 March 1961Described sinister Le Cercle as "a political group which organises conferences."
Arnold HallUK23 April 19159 January 2000English aeronautical engineer, scientist and industrialist. Triple Bilderberger
Denis HamiltonUK6 December 19187 April 1988UK Soldier, Editor of The Sunday Times 1961-197
David HannayUK28 September 1935UK diplomat, Ditchley Governor, attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1990s
Dido HardingUK9 November 1967English businesswoman with strong ties to the UK health bureaucracy. Led several important parts of the UK government's plans in the COVID-19 deep event, including "Test and Trace" and similar programs.
John Harvey-JonesUK16 April 19249 January 2008UK spook, media operative and businessman. Participated in the 1983 foundation meeting of European Round Table of Industrialists
Demis HassabisUK27 July 1976Dialled into a SAGE meeting at the request of Dominic Cummings. First Bilderberg in 2015
Roy HattersleyUK28 December 1932UK politician. 1970 Bilderberg
Denis HealeyUK30 August 19173 October 2015Bilderberg Steering committee member, who attended 23 Bilderberg meetings.
Edward HeathUK9 July 191617 July 2005UK Prime Minister, posthumously suggested to be controlled through the UK/VIPaedophile operation
Nicholas HendersonUK1 April 191916 March 2009British diplomat who after retirement age became UK ambassador to Washington, where he was very popular. Attended 1994 Bilderberg meeting.
R. HendersonUKLittle known UK visitor to the 1977 Bilderberg
John HenningsUKOrganizer of the 1986 Bilderberg, UK High Commissioner in Singapore
Simon HenryUKJuly 1961Bilderberger Shell CFO
Christine HodgsonUKNovember 1964UK multi-executive
Christopher HoggUK2 August 1936Double Bilderberg UK chairman of Reuters, later big pharma exec.
Quintin HoggUK9 October 190712 October 2001At time of Bilderberg, possible candidate for leadership of UK Conservative Party
Stuart HollandUK25 March 1940UK politician who attended the 1970 Bilderberg aged 30
John HopeUK7 April 191218 January 1996Scottish aristocrat and Tory politician.
John HoramUK7 March 1939
Robert HortonUK18 August 193930 December 2011UK businessman who attended the 1990 Bilderberg as BP CEO.
Nicholas HoughtonUK18 October 1954Senior UK soldier, House of Lords, Sandhurst
Douglas HurdUK8 March 1930UK Deep state operative, Eton, Trinity College, Chatham House/President
Will HuttonUK21 May 1950Attended the 1997 Bilderberg as Editor of The Observer
H. Montgomery HydeUK14 August 190710 August 1989Spooky UK politician and lawyer who attended the first Bilderberg and one more.
Robin IbbsUK21 April 192627 July 2014Spooky Bilderberg banker. Private adviser to Margaret Thatcher on Efficiency and Effectiveness in Government
Hastings IsmayUK21 June 188717 December 1965Ex Secretary General of NATO.
Mary Jo JacobiUS
7 December 1951Assistant US Secretary of Commerce
Martin JacombUK11 November 1929British banker businessman who described "insider trading" as a "victimless crime". Attended the 1985 Bilderberg
Douglas JayUK23 March 19076 March 1996UK politician
Gladwyn JebbUK25 April 190024 October 1996Holder of spooky jobs including UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Chief of the SOE during WW2.
George JellicoeUK4 April 191822 February 2007UK spook who founded Hakluyt & Company Ltd.
Michael JenkinsUK9 January 193631 March 2013UK diplomat
Simon JenkinsUK10 June 1943UK journalist who attended the 1986 Bilderberg
Peter JobUK13 July 1941CEO of Reuters, which supplies the majority of the world's news. Pioneered UK high executive bonuses.
Aubrey JonesUK20 November 191110 April 2003Spooky UK politician who attended the 1974 Bilderberg
Keith JosephUK17 January 191810 December 1994Eminence grise of Thatcherism. Founded the Centre for Policy Studies
Shashank JoshiUKThe Economist‘s defence editor. Bilderberg 2022. Also of interest for the Integrity Initiative
Frank KeartonUK17 February 19112 July 1992WW2 nuclear researcher. Attended Bilderberg 1967 and 1972 as Chairman of chemical and textiles company Courtaulds. Later CEO of British National Oil Corporation. Life Peer.
Elie KedourieUK25 January 192629 June 1992Visitor to the Washington Conference on International Terrorism who wrote a paper for the 1982 Bilderberg
John KeeganUK15 May 19342 August 2012
Geoffrey KentUK2 February 19221 October 1992Advertising expert and Chairman and CEO of tobacco manufacturer Imperial Group when he attended the 1985 Bilderberg
John KerrUK22 February 1942Scottish businessman and diplomat, attended all Bilderbergs from 2004 up to 2016
John KeswickUK19061982UK single Bilderberger businessman Jardine Matheson/SOE
Alexander KingUK19092007Co-founded the Club of Rome. 1970 Bilderberg
Mervyn KingUK30 March 1948Governor of the Bank of England single Bilderberger
Norman KippingUK19011979UK businessman
Cyril KleinwortUK17 August 19051980UK businessman
Andrew KnightUK1 November 1939Editor of The Economist for 12 years
Arthur KnightUK29 March 19175 April 2003UK businessman who attended the 1977 Bilderberg
Edward KnollysUKUK colonial governor and businessman. Two Bilderbergs in to 1950s
Steffen KraghUKJuly 1964Bilderberg businessman
Richard Lambert (editor)UK23 September 1944Fettes College, Balliol, on the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England
David LammyUK19 July 1972English Labour Party politician, WEF/GLT/2002, publicly apologised for nominating Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader
Norman LamontUK8 May 1942Long time Chairman of Le Cercle, financier, politician and deep politician, involved in arms and financial deals.
Nigel LawsonUK11 March 19323 April 2023UK politician who attended the 1982 Bilderberg as Secretary of State for Energy and then was Chancellor of the Exchequer for 6 years, 1990 Bilderberg.
Harold LeverUK15 January 19146 August 1995Tribilderberg UK MP, The Other Club
Bernard LewisUS
31 May 191619 May 2018Spooky academic who attended the 1979 and 2002 Bilderbergs, as well as the Washington Conference on International Terrorism.
George LogothetisUK18 January 1975Greek transport magnate
Ian MacGregorUS
21 September 191213 April 1998Scottish/US businessman chaired British Steel Corporation 1980-83, National Coal Board 1983-86
Peter MacadamUK9 September 192128 June 1997Chairman of British American Tobacco who attended the 1977 Bilderberg
Maurice MacmillanUK27 January 192110 March 1984UK MP, Son of UK PM Harold Macmillan, who attended the 1979 Bilderberg. Died suddenly in 1984 after an operation
Shiraz MaherUK12 July 1981UK writer and commentator on "radicalisation" who attended the 2015 Bilderberg. Reported in March 2020 that he had a tough time recovering from a mild case of COVID-19.
Peter MandelsonUK21 October 1953Supranational deep state operative. Bilderberg, TLC, Ditchley etc.
Peter MansbridgeCanada
6 July 1948Canadian news anchor who attended Bilderberg/2010
Stephen MarrisUKGroup of Thirty, Bilderberg 1988
Reginald MaudlingUK7 March 191714 February 1979UK politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Bilderberg Steering committee
Edward McBrideUKAsia editor of The Economist, attended the 2009 Bilderberg.
Tom McKillopUK19 March 1943Scottish Bilderberger, AstraZeneca CEO 1999-2006, European Round Table of Industrialists
John MicklethwaitUK11 August 1962Editor of The Economist for 9 years then Bloomberg News
John MillsUK
John MonksUK5 August 1945UK labor leader
Louis MountbattenUK25 June 190027 August 1979A man "of extremely low morals" according to an FBI file. Mentor to Charles Windsor. Assassinated
Philip MountbattenUK10 June 19219 April 2021"I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus."
Charles Mountbatten-WindsorUK14 November 1948UK royal whose first wife documented her anxiety, two years before she died in a car crash, that he would have her killed in a faked car crash.
Richard MunbyUKObscure UK visitor to the 1967 Bilderberg, possibly an aide to Louis Mountbatten
Pauline Neville-JonesUK2 November 1939BBC governor, Chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee
Allan NobleUK190817 November 1982English naval commander, conservative politician, and diplomat. Son of Admiral Percy Noble. Attended the 1957 February Bilderberg meeting as Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.
John NottUK1 February 1932UK MP who visited the 1977 Bilderberg. UK Secretary of State for Defence during the Falklands War.
Con O'NeillUK3 June 191211 January 1988UK diplomat who led the British delegation which negotiated the country's entry to the EEC and attended Bilderberg/1966. Interrogated Rudolf Hess when in Army Intelligence Corps during WW2.
Onora O'NeillUK23 August 1941UK second generation Bilderberger, academic
John OldhamUKAttended the 2010 Bilderberg as National Clinical Lead for Quality and Productivity in the NHS.
David OmandUK15 April 1947A former head of GCHQ.
Duncan OppenheimUK6 August 1904January 2003Attended two Bilderbergs in the 1950s as Chairman of British American Tobacco, and the 1968 Bilderberg as chairman of Chatham House
William David Ormsby-GoreUK20 May 191826 January 19852nd generation (at least) UK Deep state operative, President of the Pilgrims Society
David OrrUK10 May 19222 February 2008Bilderberg businessman
George OsborneUK23 May 1971Suspected UK deep politician, heavy Bilderberg habit,
David OwenUK2 July 1938UK politician who attended the 1973, 1982 and 1993 Bilderbergs
Michael PalliserUK9 April 192219 June 2012Spooky UK diplomat
Cecil ParkinsonUK1 September 193122 January 2016British Conservative politician and cabinet minister. Tagged for high positions, but forced to resign after revelations that his former secretary was pregnant with his child.
Edmund Hall PatchUK18961975UK civil servant, IBRD/Executive Director, 1960 Bilderberg
Chris PattenUK12 May 1944Suspected UK deep state operative
Rupert L. Pennant-ReaUK23 January 1948
Raymond PennockUK16 June 192023 February 1993UK businessman CBI President 1980-82
Michael PeraticosUKFebruary 1957
Harry PilkingtonUK29 April 190523 December 1983Attended the first Bilderberg as President of the Federation of British Industries, and two more in the 1950s
Edwin PlowdenUK6 January 190715 February 2001UK businessman
John PomianPoland
16 March 192421 October 2016Multi-Bilderberg Polish nobleman who settled in the UK
Jonathon PorritUK6 July 1950UK environmentalist and population reduction activist who wants to halve the population. Attended the 1999 Bilderberg meeting, and in 2000 was appointed Chair of Tony Blair's Sustainable Development Commission (SDC)
Enoch PowellUK16 June 19128 February 1998UK politician
Michael PragnellUKUK businessman, Executive Director of AstraZeneca plc
Kieran PrendergastUK2 July 1942Former British Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Turkey
Christopher PriceUK26 January 193221 February 2015Chairman of the New Statesman who attended the 1970 Bilderberg
Jim PriorUK11 October 192712 December 2016Conservative British politician squeezed out by Thatcher faction
William PurvesUK27 December 1931Chairman and CEO of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. 1001 Club. Hakluyt & Company Ltd. Bilderberg/1998
Gideon RachmanUK1963Quad Bilderberg UK journalist and friend of MI6 whistleblower Richard Tomlinson
Giles RadiceUK4 October 1936A template for Tony Blair arguing for "modernization" of the Labour Party. A leading member of the European Movement in the UK.
John RaismanUK12 February 1929Big oil Bilderberger
William Rees-MoggUK14 July 192829 December 2012Possible UKDSO who attended the 1972 and 1993 Bilderbergs
Robert ReidUK1 May 1934Chairman of Shell UK
Gordon RichardsonUK25 November 191522 January 2010Governor of the Bank of England 1973-83
Malcolm RifkindUK21 June 1946British Conservative politician with many deep state connections
Geoffrey RipponUK28 May 192428 January 1997Attended the 1974 Bilderberg as Shadow Foreign Secretary
Alfred RobensUK18 December 191027 June 1999UK politician who attended the 1956 Bilderberg
Alfred RobertsUK30 November 189718 November 1963British trade unionist who attended the 1958 Bilderberg as ILO/Vice chair
Frank RobertsUK27 October 19077 January 1998UK diplomat who played a key role in British diplomacy in the early years of the Cold War. Chairman of the steering committee of the Königswinter conference. On the council of Chatham House. Attended the 1969 and 1977 Bilderberg conferences.
George RobertsonUK12 April 1946Bilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO with unknown deep political connections.
Simon RobertsonUK4 March 1941Goldman Sachs
William RodgersUK28 October 1928
Eric RollUK1 December 190730 March 2005Attended 36 Bilderberg conferences - more than anyone else from UK.
Jacek RostowskiPoland
30 April 1951Bilderberg
Emma RothschildUK16 May 1948Panelist on the discussion Is There Work For All? at the 1985 Bilderberg
Evelyn de RothschildUK29 August 19318 November 2022UK financier who together with his wife attended the 1998 Bilderberg. Both names appear in Epstein's black book
Amber RuddUK1 August 1963British Conservative Party politician. Opponent of Brexit.
John SainsburyUK2 November 1927Founder of the supermarket chain. Bilderberg Steering committee member.
Françoise SampermansUKJuly 1947Bilderberg businessmen
Roger SavoryCanada
27 January 192517 February 2022Bilderberg academic
John SawersUK26 July 1955UK diplomat and former Chief of MI6
David ScholeyUK28 June 1935Governor of the Bank of England
Henry Scrymgeour-WedderburnUK3 May 190229 June 1983Scottish soldier/politician
Mark SedwillUK21 October 1964Spooky diplomat
Edward ShackletonUK15 July 191122 September 1994British Labour leader, Trilateral Commission
Minouche ShafikUS
5 February 1962The youngest vice-president in the history of the World Bank where she worked for 15 years, Bank of England/Deputy Governor Gates Foundation trustee...
Hartley ShawcrossUK4 February 190210 July 2003
Patrick SheehyUK2 September 193023 July 2019Tri-bilderberg chairman of BAT Industries
Andrew ShonfieldUK10 August 191723 January 1981UK economist and editor
Larry SiedentopUS
24 May 1936US=British political scientist who studied under Isaiah Berlin. Attended the 2001 Bilderberg meeting, the same year he wrote a book on "possible models of European democracy".
Mary Ann SieghartUK6 August 1961Attended 2001 Bilderberg as assistant editor of The Times.
Radosław SikorskiPoland
23 February 1963Polish Bullingdon Bilderberger
John M. SimonUKUnidentified UK visitor to the 1973 Bilderberg
Robert SkidelskyUK25 April 1939British economic historian
John SlessorUK3 June 189712 July 1979Founder of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
A. H. SmithUKUnidentified UK visitor to the 1959 Bilderberg
John SmithUK13 September 193812 May 1994UK labour leader who suffered a fatal heart attack
Christopher SoamesUK12 October 192016 September 1987UK politician who attended the 1981 and 1982 Bilderberg
Guy StandingUK9 February 1948UK academic interested in basic income who attended the 2016 Bilderberg
J. L. S. SteelUKChairman of the British International Chamber of Commerce, attended of February 1957, 1958 and 1960 Bilderbergs
John M. StevensUK
Dennis StevensonUK19 July 1945An important 'fixer' behind the scenes in the interface between business, politics and the Arts.
Michael StewartUK6 November 190613 March 1990UK deep state functionary who caught a Bilderberg wind at the 1964 Bilderberg
Rory StewartUK3 January 1973MI6, Cercle, Bilderberg, UK DSO, Politician
Mustafa SuleymanUKAugust 1984Attended the 2019 Bilderberg aged 25
Shirley SummerskillUK9 September 1931
Paul TaggartUKEurosceptic academic, who attended the 2007 Bilderberg.
Dick TaverneUK18 October 1928UK politician with deep state connections
J. Martin TaylorUK1952UK Millionaire banker and businessman. Former Bilderberg steering committee
Norman TebbitUK29 March 1931UK Conservative politician
Margaret ThatcherUK13 October 19258 April 2013Three term UK PM whom the UK Deep State used to push through radical privatisation. "There is no such thing as society."
Gerald ThompsonUKLittle known UK single Bilderbeger (1974)
Henry TiarksUKSeptember 19001995UK single Bilderberger financier of Schroders bank dynasty. Son of central banker and deep state actor Frank Tiarks. Attended the 1958 Bilderberg meeting.
Alexander TrotmanUS
22 July 193325 April 2005UK/US businessman. Attended Bilderberg 1996 as CEO of Ford Motor Company.
Mark TuckerUK29 December 1957businessman/banker Bilderberger
Tom TugendhatFrance
27 June 1973Suspected UK deep state functionary, MP, Bilderberg 2019, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, floated de facto mandatory Covid-19 vaccination in November 2020.
Mark TurnerUK29 March 190613 December 1980UK bilderberg businessman
Harry TuzoUK26 August 19177 August 1998Officer Commanding of the British Army in Northern Ireland during the early period of the Troubles.
Shriti VaderaUK23 June 1962British bankster. As government minister responsible for unprecedented free money bailout to banks in 2009, then became bank CEO. Attended 2023 Bilderberg meeting.
Andre-François VilleneuveUK
November 1944Attended the 1997 Bilderberg as Reuters America Executive director.
William WaldegraveUK15 August 1946Creator of the hugely unpopular UK poll tax. Chairman of the Rhodes Trust. 4 Bilderbergs. Involved in exporting weapons to Iraq, the denied this in "untrue letters" to MPs. Associate of spooky Victor Rothschild.
Emma WalmsleyUKJune 1969
George WeidenfeldAustria
13 September 191920 January 2016Bilderberger Member of the House of Lords whose name appeared in Jeffrey Epstein's Black book
Mark WeinbergUK9 August 1931
Galen WestonCanada
29 October 194012 April 2021British Canadian Bilderberger billionaire businessman
Charles WheelerUK26 March 19234 July 2008Triple Bilderberger propagandist. BBC Washington correspondent. Helped former Nazi military personnel escape the Soviets after the war.
Eric Wyndham WhiteUK26 January 191327 January 1980Founder and first executive secretary of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. This became the GATT/DG after the 1964 Bilderberg, which Eric Wyndham White attended.
Sharon WhiteUK21 April 1967Attended the 2017 Bilderberg as Chief Executive of Ofcom
Graham WilkinsUK2 July 2003
Gareth Williams (politician)UK5 February 194120 September 2003A Leader of the House of Lords and Lord President of the Council who suffered an unexplained and sudden death at age 62, four months after attending his second Bilderberg conference.
Shirley WilliamsUK27 July 193011 April 2021UK politician
Tom WilliamsonUK2 September 189727 February 1983UK trade unionist who attended the first and fourth Bilderbergs
Harold WilsonUK11 March 191623 May 1995
Martin WolfUK1946Economic journalist and serial Bilderberger, aggressively promoting COVID jabs in February 2021
Monty WoodhouseUK11 May 191713 February 2001He was Parliamentary Secretary to the Home Office when he attended the 1963 Bilderberg.
Ngaire WoodsUKFebruary 1963Integrity Initiative connected single Bilderberger, regular WEFer, a lot of other deep state connections
Adrian WooldridgeUK11 November 1959UK journalist and columnist. Regular "observer" at the Bilderberg for The Economist.
W. T. WrenUKLittle known UK single Bilderberger
David WrightUK16 June 1944UK diplomat/banker.
Patrick WrightUK28 June 19366 March 2020British diplomat who was Head of HM Diplomatic Service from 1986 until 1991. He was on the Middle East: Political Fallout And Future Prospects panel at the 1991 Bilderberg, and then sat on the boards of deep state think tanks like the Ditchley Foundation and Chatham House.
Michael YahudaUK29 December 1940UK academic and China expert. Attended the 1997 Bilderberg meeting, where one of the topics was "How Should the West Look at China?".
David Ivor YoungUK27 February 1932UK politician who attended two Bilderbergs in the 1980s
Kenneth YoungerUK15 December 190819 May 1976UK Spook, Labour politician, diplomat, Chatham House
Mehmet ŞimşekTurkey
1 January 1967Attended 2 Bilderbergs as Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey

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