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A list of US Bilderberg participants

680 visitors with US nationality have attended the Bilderberg.

David AaronUS21 August 1938
Stacey AbramsUS9 December 1973American politician and lawyer
Dean AchesonUS11 April 189312 October 1971
Theodore AchillesUS29 December 19058 April 1986
Kenneth AdelmanUS9 June 1946
Fouad AjamiUS
18 September 194522 June 2014Triple Bilderberg "terror expert"
Keith B. AlexanderUS2 December 1951Chief of the NSA, now infamous for his mendacious denials regarding the illegal mass surveillance of US citizens.
Paul AllaireUS21 July 193824 February 2019Bilderberg Steering Committee member who headed Rank Xerox
John AllenUS15 December 1953A Retired US Marine Corps 4 star General
Graham AllisonUS23 March 1940
Roger AltmanUS2 April 1946US Banker, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Sam AltmanUS22 April 1985
Robert O. AndersonUS12 April 19172 December 2007Triple Bilderberg Big Oil exec who attended the 1973 Bilderberg
Dwayne AndreasUS4 March 191816 November 2016Large political donor to both major US parties.
Hans H. AngermuellerUS7 October 192411 July 2015Iran-Contra connected banker
Anne ApplebaumPoland
25 July 1964Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner Core
Michael ArmacostUS15 April 1937
Sonia ArrisonUS8 September 1972
Susan AtheyUS29 November 1970US economist, one time Bilderberger
Zoë BairdUS20 June 1952
James H. BakerUSPentagon's top wargamer. 2018, 2019 Bilderberger
George BallUS21 December 190926 May 1994US deep politician who attended all 40 Bilderberg meetings up to his death, he helped make key decisions about post-WW2 Europe.
Walworth BarbourUS4 June 190821 July 1982
Michael BaroneUS19 September 1944
Martin BartensteinUS3 June 1953Double Bildreberg Austrian politician
Reginald BartholomewUS17 February 193626 August 2012
Robert BartleyUS12 October 193710 December 2003Managed the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal for over 30 years. 15 Bilderberg visits
Evan BayhUS26 December 1955
Frederick BeebeUS19131 May 1973Single Bilderberg corporate lawyer
Daniel BellUS10 May 191925 January 2011Bilderberger co-founder of neoconservatism.
David E. BellUS19 January 19196 September 2000Single Bilderberger USAID Administrator
Elliott BellUS25 September 1902January 1983
Karl BendetsenUS11 October 190728 June 1989
Douglas BennetUS23 June 1938
Jack BennettUS19018 March 1988Bilderberg Steering committee banker/businessman.
Lloyd BentsenUS11 February 192123 May 20065 time Bilderberger US Treasury Secretary
Nicolas BerggruenGermany
10 August 1961
C. Fred BergstenUS23 April 1941Brookings Institution, CFR, 5 Bilderbergs ...
Hans BergstromUS13 May 1948
Ben BernankeUS13 December 1953
Richard BernsteinUS5 May 1944
Jeff BezosUS12 January 1964
Seweryn BialerUS3 November 19268 February 2019
Rosina BierbaumUS30 September 1952
John BierwirthUS
James BillingtonUS1 June 192930 September 2015Bilderberger academic
George Barry BinghamUS10 February 190615 August 1988
Eugene R. BlackUS1 May 189820 February 1992
Robert D. BlackwillUS8 August 1939
Lloyd BlankfeinUS15 September 1954
Robert BlumUS19111965
W. Michael BlumenthalUS3 January 1926
Richard BollingUS17 May 191621 April 1991
John R. BoltonUS20 November 1948
Max BootUS
12 September 1969
Michael BoskinUS23 September 1945
Robert R. BowieUS24 August 19092 November 2013Wrote item one of the agenda of the 1966 Bilderberg, on the need to reorganise NATO.
Charles BoydUS15 April 1938
John BrademasUS2 March 192711 July 2016
Bill BradleyUS28 July 1943
Nicholas BradyUS11 April 1930
Karl BrandtUS
Philip BreedloveUS21 September 1955
Ian BremmerUS12 November 1969
John O. BrennanUS22 September 1955
Kingman BrewsterUS17 June 19198 November 1988
Andrew BrimmerUS13 September 19267 October 2012
Edward BrookeUS26 October 19193 January 2015
Irving BrownUS5 October 191114 July 1989
L. Dean BrownUS
David BruceUS12 February 18985 December 1977
Zbigniew BrzezinskiUS28 March 192826 May 2017US Deep politician, Cercle, Bilderberg, ...
William F. BuckleyUS24 November 192527 February 2008Bilderberg TV speaker
McGeorge BundyUS30 March 191916 September 1996S&B, Deep state actor, National Security Advisor
William BundyUS24 September 19176 October 2000US Skull & bones deep politician and cold warrior
M. Elaine BunnUS
W. Randolph BurgessUS7 May 188916 September 1978
William Joseph BurnsUS4 April 1956Poly Bilderberger US diplomat, US/Deputy Secretary of State
Richard BurtUS3 February 1947
Sylvia BurwellUS23 June 1965
Willard ButcherUS25 October 192625 August 2012
Selin Sayek BökeTurkey
24 August 1972
Louis CabotUS1921
Miriam CampsUS17 July 1916December 1994
Roberto CarneiroUS
Frank T. CaryUS14 December 19201 January 2006
Clifford CaseUS16 April 19045 March 1982
Kaspar CassaniUSApril 1928
James ChaceUS16 October 19318 October 2004
John ChafeeUS22 October 192224 October 1999
Walker CislerUS8 October 189718 October 1994As well as the first Bilderberg, he attended the next four, and 3 more in the early 1960s, US businessman
Alden W. ClausenUS17 February 192321 January 2013
Harlan ClevelandUS
Harold Van B. ClevelandUS19161977Vitibank vic president, double Bilderberger
Bill ClintonUS19 August 1946
Hillary ClintonUS26 October 1947“Too big to jail”
David S. CohenUS1963Confirmed as Deputy Director of the CIA in January 2015
Jared CohenUS24 November 1981CEO of Jigsaw, CFR, Bilderberg, who "grew up watching [GHWB]'s example & I was honored to get to know him in his later years."
John ColemanUS1959
Emilio ColladoUS19109 February 1995Big oil, Bilderberg Steering committee.
Barber ConableUS2 November 192230 November 2003
Charles CookUS20 November 1953
Donald CookUS
Henry CooperUS
Richard CooperUS14 June 1934
Lammot du Pont CopelandUS19 May 19051 July 1983
Andrew CordierUS1 March 190111 July 1975
Gerald CorriganUS13 June 1941
John CorsonUS
Ramon CortinesUS1932US superintendant of school systems
Jon CorzineUS1 January 19476 times Bilderberger financier
Claudio CostamagnaUS10 April 1956
David CoteUS19 July 1952US single Bilderberger millionaire businessman
Tom CottonUS13 May 1977
Gardner CowlesUS31 January 19038 July 1985
Philip CrawleyUS28 July 1951
Chester CrockerUS29 October 1941
Andrew CrockettUS23 March 19433 September 2012IMF, BIS, Bank Of England, JP Morgan
Devon CrossUSsister of the neocon hawk Frank Gaffney
John CulverUS8 August 193227 December 2018
Gerald CurtisUS18 September 1940
Charles H. DallaraUS25 August 1948
Michael DallasUSUnknown 1983 Bilderberger, listed as head of the office of Bernard W. Rogers.
Kenneth DamUS10 August 1932Economist acting US Secretary of State with a heavy Bilderberg habit
Matthew DanielsUSDoD Artificial Intelligence expert
Mitchell DanielsUS7 April 1949
Richard DarmanUS10 May 194325 January 2008
Ralph DavidsonUS
Lynn DavisUS1943
Robert DayUS1943Bilderberg billionaire businessman
Christopher DeMuthUS5 August 1946
Arthur DeanUS18971987Chairman and senior partner of Sullivan & Cromwell, where he worked closely with John Foster Dulles
Frederick DemingUS
John M. DeutchUS27 July 1938
Thomas DeweyUS24 March 190216 March 1971
John DieboldUS8 June 192626 December 2005
William DieboldUS
Douglas DillonUS21 August 190910 January 2003
Viet D. DinhUS22 February 1968
James DobbinsUS31 May 1942
Christopher DoddUS27 May 1944
Joseph DodgeUS18 November 18902 December 1964
Thomas R. DonahueUS4 September 1928
Tom DonilonUS14 May 1955Spooky Bilderberger
Hedley DonovanUS24 May 191413 August 1990Editor in chief of Time from 1964 to 1979. Bilderberg
Elizabeth DrewUS16 November 1935
Robert DudleyUS14 September 1955
Regina DuganUS
John DunlopUS5 July 19142 October 2003
Donald L. DusterUS
Esther DysonUS14 July 1951
Nicholas EberstadtUS20 December 1955
John EdwardsUS10 June 1953
Hermann EiltsUS23 March 192212 October 2006
Susan EisenhowerUS31 December 1951
Stuart EizenstatUS15 January 1943
Theodore EliotUS24 January 19288 August 2019US Ambassador to Afghanistan who attended 15 Bilderberg meetings.
Osborn ElliottUS25 October 192428 September 2008
James EllisUS20 July 1947US Navy, Bilderberger
Thomas O. EndersUS28 November 193117 March 1996
Richard EngelUS16 September 1973
Mary ErdoesUS13 August 1967
Mike EspyUS30 November 1953
William EsreyUS1940
Daniel EvansUS16 October 1925
James FallowsUS2 August 1949
Martha FarahUS
Michael FarrenUS1953
Dante FascellUS
Dianne FeinsteinUS22 June 1933
Douglas J. FeithUS16 July 1953
Martin FeldsteinUS25 November 193911 June 2019US economist, Trilateral Commission, heavy Bilderberg habit towards the end of his life.
John FergusonUS191524 August 1970US lawyer, attended the first Bilderberg and 7 others in the 1950s. US Ambassador to Morocco 1962-64
Roger FergusonUS28 October 1951Bilderberg
Murray FinleyUS19221995Bilderberg Steering committee member labor leader
Paul FinneyUS28 October 192918 May 2013
Stanley FischerIsrael
15 October 1943Israeli/US central banker and poly-Bilderberger
Mark FishmanUS
Ralph FlandersUS28 September 188019 February 1970
James FlorioUS29 August 1937Single Bilderberger Governor of New Jersey
Tom FoleyUS6 March 192918 October 2013
William FoltzUS193627 October 2013
Gerald FordUS14 July 191326 December 2006
Harold FordUS11 May 1970
William FordUS3 May 1957
Lynn ForesterUS2 July 1954Telecom exec, Single Bilderberg
John FosterUS18 September 1922
William FosterUS27 April 189715 October 1984
Max FrankelUS3 April 1930
Donald FraserUS20 February 1924Single Bilderberg Mayor of Minneapolis
Wayne FredericksUS26 February 191718 August 2004
Charles FreemanUS2 March 1943
Peter FrelinghuysenUS17 January 191623 May 2011
Stephen FriedmanUS21 December 1937
Thomas FriedmanUS20 July 1953
J. William FulbrightUS9 April 19059 February 1995
Orit GadieshIsrael
31 January 1951
Evan GalbraithUS2 July 192821 January 2008
Cornelius GallagherUS2 March 192117 October 2018
John GalvinUS13 May 192925 September 2015SACEUR, Attended the Bilderberg meetings yearly from 1988 to 1993.
Robert GarnerUS189413 December 1975
Bill GatesUS28 October 1955Multi-billionaire computer businessman pushing a mass vaccination agenda.
Melinda GatesUS15 August 1964Wife of Bill Gates. Promoter of vaccines
Thomas GatesUS10 April 190625 March 1983
Timothy GeithnerUS18 August 1961Multi-Bilderberg central banker
Dick GephardtUS31 January 1941Single Bilderberger US politician-lobbyist
David GergenUS9 May 1942
Louis GerstnerUS1 March 1942
Charles GetchellUS
Michael GfoellerUSUS government insider, Bilderberg, Chertoff Group...
Paul GigotUS24 May 1955US journalist. 6 Bilderbergs
Roswell GilpatricUS11 April 190615 March 1996
Dan GlickmanUS24 November 1944
Maynard GlitmanUS8 December 193313 December 2010
Clinton GoldenUS16 November 188812 June 1961Double Bilderberger
Marshall I. GoldmanUS26 July 19302 August 2017
Rebecca GoldsteinUS23 February 1950US philosopher and author who attended her first Bilderberg in 2018.
Andrew GoodpasterUS12 February 191516 May 2005
Austan GoolsbeeUS18 August 1969
Lincoln GordonUS10 September 191319 December 2009
Philip GordonUS1962
William GossettUS190520 July 1998
Donald GrahamUS22 April 1945TLC, Facebook, 10 Bilderbergs
Katharine GrahamUS16 June 191717 July 2001
Lindsey GrahamUS9 July 1955
Adam GrantUS13 August 1981Professor of organizational psychology who got tenure aged 28. First Bilderberg 2019.
Evan GreenbergUS19552nd generation multi-Bilderberger
Maurice GreenbergUS4 May 1925
Meg GreenfieldUS27 December 193013 May 1999
Alan GreenspanUS6 March 1926
Donald GreggUS5 December 1927
Robert GreyUS
Kenneth GriffinUS15 October 1968Double Bilderberger billionaire hedge fund manager
William E. GriffithUS
Marc GrossmanUS23 September 1951
Alfred GruentherUS3 March 189930 May 1983
Henry GrunwaldUS3 December 192226 February 2005
Richard HaassUS28 July 1951Bilderberger, CFR President
Philip HabibUS25 February 192025 May 1992
Lawrence HafstadUS
Chuck HagelUS4 October 1946
Patrick HaggertyUS17 March 19141 October 1980
Alexander HaigUS2 December 192420 February 2010
Avril HainesUS29 August 1969
Edward HamiltonUS
Lee H. HamiltonUS20 April 1931Having chaired some key house committees, Hamilton appears to have established himself as a safe pair of hands for handling potentially damaging information, explaining his choice as fallback vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission.
Robert HansonUS
Britt HarrisUS16 April 1958
Fred HarrisUS13 November 1930
Joseph HarschUS25 May 19053 June 1998
Peter HartUS
Arthur HartmanUS12 March 192616 March 20154 times Bilderberger
Gabriel HaugeUS7 March 191424 July 1981Former Bilderberg Steering committee
Brooks HaysUS9 August 189811 October 1981
Mary Kay HenryUS1958Bilderberger labor leader
Christian HerterUS28 March 189530 December 1966United States Secretary of State. Double Bilderberger
Roger HertogUS1941
Theodore HesburghUS25 May 191726 February 2015Bilderberg priest
William HewittUS9 August 191416 May 1998
Bourke HickenlooperUS21 July 18964 September 1971
John HickenlooperUS7 February 1952
Carla Anderson HillsUS3 January 1934
Jim HoaglandUS22 January 1940
Mellody HobsonUS3 April 1969president and co-CEO of Ariel Investments, wife of filmmaker George Lucas
Susan HockfieldUS24 March 1951
Paul HoffmanUS26 April 18918 October 1974Five time early Bilderberger, UNDP administrator
Reid HoffmanUS5 August 1967Venture capitalist, CEO of LinkedIn
James F. HogeUS1935
Richard HolbrookeUS24 April 194113 December 2010Bilderberg/Steering committee, deep state operative
Chet HolifieldUS3 December 19036 February 1995Double Bilderberger US politician
John HoranUS
Arnold HorelickUSSpooky, RANDy, single Bilderberger
Robert D. HormatsUS13 April 1943
Donald HornigUS17 March 192021 January 2013
Michael HorowitzUS1978
Amo HoughtonUS7 August 1926
Karen HouseUS1947
Allan B. HubbardUS8 September 1947Former Bilderberg Steering committee, Director of the National Economic Council
Glenn HubbardUS4 September 1958Single Bilderberger
Robert HubnerUS
Chris HughesUS26 November 1983
Thomas HughesUS
Carlisle HumelsineUS19151989
Robert HunterUS1940
Jon HuntsmanUS26 March 1960
Kay Bailey HutchisonUS22 July 1943
Tim HwangUS20 February 1992
William HylandUS18 January 192925 March 2008
Charles H. Price IIUS1 April 193112 January 2012
Frank Wisner IIUS2 July 1938
H. John Heinz IIUS10 July 190823 February 198734 Bilderberg meetings, Bilderberg Steering & Advisory Committees
Henry Ford IIUS4 September 191729 September 1987
Adlai Stevenson IIIUS10 October 1930Single Bilderberg son of Adlai Stevenson II
H. John Heinz IIIUS23 October 19384 April 1991A US politician and Bilderberger who died in a small plane crash.
James D. Robinson IIIUS19 November 1935
Walter IsaacsonUS20 May 1952
C. D. JacksonUS16 March 190218 September 1964
Henry M. JacksonUS31 May 19121 September 1983
Shirley Ann JacksonUS5 August 1946
William H. JacksonUS25 March 190128 September 1971
Mary Jo JacobiUS7 December 1951
Kenneth JacobsUS1958Bilderberger financier
Charles JamesUS1954
Merit JanowUS13 May 1958
Jacob K. JavitsUS18 May 19047 March 1986
Nelson Dean JayUS7 March 18836 June 1972
Simon JenkinsUS10 June 1943
Peter JenningsCanada
29 July 19387 August 2005
James A. JohnsonUS24 December 1943US politician, Bilderberg Steering committee, various USDS connections
Joseph E. JohnsonUS30 April 18951990Inaugural US secretary of the annual Bilderberg, Bilderberg Steering committee member.
James R. JonesUS5 May 1939
James L. JonesUS19 December 1943
Thomas V. JonesUS21 July 19207 January 2014
Vernon JordanUS15 August 1935Close friend of Bill Clinton. A member of the Bilderberg Steering committee who has attended the Bilderberg over 30 times
David Rockefeller JrUS1941Son of David Rockefeller Sr, the most frequent Bilderberg visitor of all time.
Robert KaganUS26 September 1958
Peter KannUS1942
Robert KaplanUS23 June 1952Single Bilderberger
Phillip KarberUS
Alex KarpUS2 October 1967CEO of Palantir, Big Data & Surveillance Advocate
Alexander KarsnerUS5 April 1967Single Bilderberg
Nancy KassebaumUS29 July 1932
Bruce KatzUS21 June 1959
Milton KatzUS1908August 1995
Carl KaysenUS5 March 19208 February 2010
Thomas KeanUS21 April 1935
John M. KeaneUS1 February 1943
David KearnsUS11 August 193025 February 2011TLC member, Attended 5 Bilderbergs as Xerox/CEO
J. Ward KeenerUS1981
Donald KendallUS16 March 1921
Kenneth KenistonUS1930
George KennanUS16 February 190417 March 2005
Muhtar KentTurkey
Francis KeppelUS16 April 191619 February 1990US Commissioner of Education, single Bilderberg
John KerryUS11 December 1943
Robert M. KimmittUS19 December 1947
James KimseyUS15 September 19391 March 2016AOL co-founder, single Bilderberg
Lane KirklandUS12 March 192214 August 1999
Jeane KirkpatrickUS19 November 19267 December 2006Neocon "terror expert", US Ambassador to the UN, Washington Conference on International Terrorism...
Henry KissingerUS27 May 1923US deep politician, 40+ Bilderbergs, Nobel peace prize, war criminal
Antonie KnoppersUS
Stephen KotkinUS17 February 1959Senior fellow, Hoover Institution
Bruce KovnerUS25 February 1945Single Bilderbeg hedge fund billionaire
Joseph KraftUS4 September 192410 January 1986
Charles KrauthammerUS13 March 195021 June 2018Single Bilderberger Washington Conference on International Terrorism visitor
Henry KravisUS6 January 1944Like his wife, Marie-Josée Kravis, a billionaire multi-Bilderberger
Bill KristolUS23 December 1952
Peter KroghUS1937
Fred KruppUS
Jared KushnerUS10 January 1981Son-in-law of Donald Trump, suspected US deep state operative
John LaFalceUS6 October 1939
Eric LanderUS3 February 1957
Lewis LaphamUS8 January 1935
Michael LedeenUS1 August 1941Bilderberg, Le Cercle,
Steven S. LeeUSlocal organiser of the 2002 Bilderberg
L. J. LegereUS
Lyman LemnitzerUS29 August 189912 November 1988The Chairman of the JCS who approved the now infamous Operation Northwoods, later made NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe.
Lawrence LessigUS3 June 1961
Stuart LeveyUS
Richard LevinUS7 April 1947
Walter LevyUS21 March 191110 December 1997US spooky economist, headed the petroleum section of the Office of Strategic Services
Bernard LewisUS
31 May 191619 May 2018
Drew LewisUS3 November 193110 February 2016
Flora LewisUS25 July 19222 June 2002
Samuel LewisUS1 October 193010 March 2014Single Bilderberg US Ambassador to Israel for 8 years
William LewisUS
Cheng LiUSBorn in China, Cheng Li cames to US in 1985 and trained as an academic. Triple Bilderberg
Christopher LiddellUS24 April 1958
Hugo LindgrenUS
Franklin LindsayUS12 March 191613 October 2011Single Bilderberg SOE spook
John LindsayUS24 November 192119 December 2000
Seymour LipsetUS18 March 192231 December 2006
John LipskyUS19 February 1947Single Bilderberger. Briefly acted as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
Lawrence LitchfieldUS
Edward LittlejohnUSLittle known US visitor to 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Winston LordUS14 August 1937Former Bilderberg Steering committee, bonesman, CFR
William LutiUS
William LynnUS1 January 1954
Gordon MacDonaldUS
Ian MacGregorUS
21 September 191213 April 1998
Bruce K. MacLauryUS19317 Bilderbergs, Federal Resereve, President of the Brookings Institution
David MahoneyUS17 May 19231 May 2000
William MaillardUS10 June 191710 June 1992
Scott MalcomsonUS1961
Bayless ManningUS29 March 192318 September 2011
Edward MartinUS
Edward MasonUS22 February 189929 February 1992
Jessica MathewsUS4 July 1946Carnegie Endowment for International Peace President, Far heavier Bilderberg habit than her husband (a US general), former(?) Steering Committee member
Charles MathiasUS24 July 192225 January 2010Church Committee member, Bilderberg/Steering committee, 17 Bilderbergs
Jack MatlockUS1 October 1929
James MattisUS8 September 1950
Charles MaynesUS
Mariana MazzucatoItaly
16 June 1968
Andrew McAfeeUS1967
Megan McArdleUS29 January 1973Bilderberger editor
Terry McAuliffeUS9 February 1957
Claire McCaskillUS24 July 1953former Homeland Security politician
John J. McCloyUS31 March 189511 March 1989US deep politician, CFR Chair for 17 years, President of the World Bank ...
C. Peter McColoughUS
James McCormackUS8 November 19103 January 1975
Alonzo McDonaldUS5 August 192821 November 2019
David McDonaldUS
William McDonoughUS21 April 193422 January 2018CFR, TLC, 7 Bilderbergs, Group of Thirty, NY Fed Chairman..
Gale McGeeUS17 March 19159 April 1992
George McGheeUS10 March 19124 July 2005US ambassador, spook, Committee on the Present Danger, 12 Bilderbergs in the 1950s and 60s.
David McGiffertUS27 June 192612 October 2005
Ralph McGillUS
Richard McGinnUS
Donald McHenryUS13 October 1936
David McLaughlinUS16 March 193225 August 2004
H. R. McMasterUS24 July 1962Single Bilderberger US general
R. Daniel McMichaelUS19252013
Robert McNamaraUS9 June 19166 July 2009
John McNaughtonUS
Walter Russell MeadUS12 June 1952
Mark MedishUS
Kenneth MehlmanUS21 August 1966
Jim MessinaUS29 October 1969
Martin MeyersonUS14 November 19222 June 2007
Gertrude MichelsonUS
Joseph Irwin MillerUS
Andrea MitchellUS30 October 1946
Lisa MonacoUS23 February 1968
Walter MondaleUS5 January 1928
A. S. MonroneyUS2 March 190213 February 1980
David MorseUS
F. Bradford MorseUS7 August 192118 December 1994
Philip MoselyUS190513 January 1972Spooky academic
Michael MoskowUS7 January 1938
Bill MoyersUS5 June 1934White House Press Secretary in the 1960s. Former CFR. In 1987 published The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, an early expose of the US deep state
Charles MullerUSBilderberg manager, Ditchley/US, deep state functionary?
Craig MundieUS1 July 1949Microsoft. Bilderberg Steering committee member.
Rupert MurdochUS11 March 1931Australian American media mogul and business magnate.
Robert MurphyUS28 October 18949 January 1978Bilderberg Steering committee
Charles MurrayUS8 January 1943
Satya NadellaUS1967Microsoft CEO
Frank NashUS191012 December 1957US Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, who went to one Bilderberg. Died 10 months later of a heart attack.
Alfred NealUS
George NebolsineUS
1 May 1902March 1964Russian born naturalised US lawyer who attended all Bilderberg meetings until his death in 1964
John NewhouseUS6 February 192910 December 2016
David NewsomUS6 January 191830 March 2008
Andrew NgUS1976
Ken NickersonUSSingle Bilderberg. Morgan Stanley
Paul NitzeUS16 January 190719 October 2004US deep politician, hawkish United States Deputy Secretary of Defense.
Peggy NoonanUS7 September 1950
Indra NooyiUS28 October 1955Indra K. Nooyi. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo.
Sam NunnUS8 September 1938
Adolf NussbaumerUS10 January 192531 October 2009
Joseph NyeUS19 January 1937
Patrick O'ConnorUSPoorly identified one time (1981) Bilderberg observer
William E. OdomUS23 June 193230 May 2008
Peter OrszagUS16 December 1968
Emanuele OttolenghiUS
John PageUS
Cola ParkerUS28 June 1962
Sean ParkerUS3 December 1979Co-founder of Napster
George PatakiUS24 June 1945
Morehead PattersonUS9 October 1897
Henry PaulsonUS28 March 1946
Frederick PayneUS24 July 190415 June 1978
Benjamin PaytonUS193228 September 2016
Frank PearlUS27 May 19434 May 2012Five times Bilderberger
Norman PearlstineUS4 October 1942
Robert PeaseUS22 August 194018 June 2011Bilderberg 1971. Identity uncertain
Claiborne PellUS22 November 19181 January 2009
Arno PenziasUS26 April 1933
James Alfred PerkinsUS11 October 191119 August 1998President of Cornell University, Bilderberg Steering committee
George PerkovichUS1958
Richard PerleUS16 September 1941"widely considered a core representative of the neoconservative political faction"
Rick PerryUS4 March 1950Longtime Governor of Texas, single Bilderberger
William PerryUS11 October 1927
Donald PetersenUS4 September 1926
Howard PetersenUS19101995
Peter PetersonUS5 June 192620 March 2018Long time CFR chair
Rudolph PetersonUS6 December 19042 December 2003
David PetraeusUS7 November 1952Spooky general, DCIA, Multi-Bilderberg
Robert PfaltzgraffUSJanuary 1938
Thomas PickeringUS5 November 1931A highly connected insider.
Gerard PielUS1 March 19155 September 2004
Emanuel PioreUS19 July 19089 May 2000
Richard PipesUS11 July 1923
Norman PodhoretzUS16 January 1930One of the founding fathers of the neoconservative movement
Mike PompeoUS30 December 1963US Secretary of State, CIA Director
Matthew PottingerUS1973National security Bilderberg and coronavirus task force
Colin PowellUS5 April 1937
Larry PresslerUS29 March 1942
Clyde PrestowitzUS1941
Don PriceUS23 January 19109 July 1995
Benjamin PringUS
Joel PritchardUS5 May 19259 October 1997
Leland PrussiaUS
William QuandtUS1941
Dan QuayleUS4 February 1947One time Bilderberger and former US Vice President
Isidor RabiUS29 July 189811 January 1988
Mark RacicotUS24 July 1948
Franklin D. RainesUS14 January 1949
S. Ichtiaque RasoolUS193020 April 2016
Steven RattnerUS5 July 1952
Rudolph RauchUS
Lee RaymondUS13 August 1938
... further results