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This page lists the Bilderbergers who have attended exactly 4 meetings

Currently being updated - not yet correct  

4 Visits

Egon Bahr18 March 192219 August 2015
Jacques Baumel6 March 191817 February 2006French
Bjarni Benediktsson30 April 190810 July 1970
Ben van Beurden23 April 1958Netherlands
Erik Boheman19 January 189518 September 1979
Frits Bolkestein
Pierre Bonvoisin19031982Belgium
Walter E. Boveri6 December 189420 March 1972Switzerland
Nicholas Brady11 April 1930US
John Browne (Executive)20 February 1948
Alastair Buchan9 September 19184 February 1976UK
William Burns4 April 1956
Richard Burt3 February 1947
Louis Cabot1921US
Philippe Camus28 June 1948French
Mark Carney16 March 1965Canada
John Chafee22 October 192224 October 1999
Flavio Cotti18 October 1939Switzerland
Pascal Couchepin5 April 1942
Aage Deleuran11 October 19251 July 1999
Kemal Derviş10 January 1949UNDP administrator, 4 times Bilderberger, Brookings
Anna Diamantopoulou26 February 1959
Pierre Dupuy9 July 189621 May 1969Canada
Gazi Ercel20 February 1945TurkeyTurkish central banker and 4 times Bilderberger
Amintore Fanfani
Stanley Fischer15 October 1943
Tom Foley6 March 192918 October 2013
Fritz Gerber
Jean-Louis Gergorin1946French
Allan Gotlieb28 February 1928
Katharine Graham16 June 191717 July 2001
Ronald Grierson6 August 192123 October 2014UKSpooky financier/businessman
Guillaume GuindeyFrench
Jean-Pierre Hansen10 May 1942Luxembourg4 time Bilderberger chemist.
Arthur Hartman12 March 192616 March 2015
Helmut Haussmann18 May 1943German
Hans HeckmannSwitzerland
Connie Hedegaard15 October 1960Denmark
Jim Hoagland22 January 1940
Mellody Hobson3 April 1969
Robert D. Hormats13 April 1943
Paul Jolles25 December 191911 March 2000Switzerland
Karl Kaiser8 December 1934German
John M. Keane1 February 1943
Walther Kiep5 January 19269 May 2016German
Klaas Knot14 April 1967Netherlands
Max Kothbauer30 March 1950Austria
Alexandre Lamfalussy26 April 19299 May 2015Hungary
Halvard Lange16 September 190219 May 1970Norway
Kurt Lauk19 May 1946German
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