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A company that cleaned up sites targeted in the Amerithrax event.

Not to be confused with an identically named company[Which?][1]

Giuliani Partners partnered with Sabre Technical Services to form Bio-One Solutions LLC, a building to decontaminate buildings tainted by anthrax and other biological and chemical weapons.[2]


On 11[3]-12 July 2004, BioONE fumigated the former headquarters of The Sun, the Florida supermarket tabloid that was the first target in the Amerithrax attacks.[4]

BioONE which was paid $130 million to decontaminate the larger Brentwood Post Office in Washington which was contaminated in the Amerithrax event.

American Media building

The group planned to move into the American Media Inc. building after decontaminating it for Anthrax.[5][6] After initially contracting Marcor, Bio One was involved in decontaminating the contaminated former American Media building (which David Rustine bought from American Media for just $40,000 since it was infected with anthrax by the post-911 Amerithrax attacks)[7] Giuliani stated that the decontamination would cost more than $5 million and that the plan was to use it as a new headquarters. The building was pronounced decontaminated in 2007.[1] Ms. Cavanagh, a spokeswoman said that "It cost us quite a bit," she said. "We were never compensated for the work we did there."[8]


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