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A "bioterrorist" could use Biological weapons. Researched in Level 4 Bioweapons labs.
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Biological weapons are organisms, viruses or biological toxins intended for use as destructive agents, typically by infecting and incapacitating or killing people.


Research into biological weapons is allowed for defensive purposes. In practice, this is difficult or impossible to differentiate from offensive research. [Citation Needed]

Official narrative

A "bioterrorist" attack is something we need to be prepared for. Preparing for "pandemics" might be a test case for a more severe "bioterrorist" attack.

So called "Feature enhancement"

Full article: Biological weapon/Research

To deny offensive research, making viruses more dangerous for humans is called "feature enhancement" or "gain-of-function".

“The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus features a so-called furin cleavage site (FCS), which makes the virus more infectious and virulent than it would otherwise be. Such an FCS is not known in any other SARS-like coronavirus, but it is often inserted as part of gain-of-function studies in virus research. However, similar FCS are known to occur in non-SARS-like coronaviruses, hence a natural origin cannot be excluded based on this. The furin cleavage site found in SARS-CoV-2 uses an arginine (amino acid) double codon, which is rather rare in natural coronaviruses, but quite common in engineered viruses used in lab experiments (...)”
' [1]

False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism (29:08) a 2020 short documentary by James Corbett, a contextual history and critical overview of the threat of the military industrial biological technocracy and their duplicitous "defensive" threat to humanity.[2][3]

"For the past twenty years, the world has been in the midst of a so-called "war on terror" set in motion by a false flag attack of spectacular proportions. Now the stage is being set for a new spectacular attack to usher in the next stage in that war on terror: the war on bioterrorism. But who are the real bioterrorists? And can we rely on government agencies, their appointed health authorities, and the corporate media to accurately identify those terrorists in the wake of the next spectacular terror attack?"

Problems with the official narrative

There are a large number government-funded biolabs researching gain-of-function viruses. Over the decades there should have been thousands of leaked viruses leading to deadly epidemics - but this is not the case. This leads to the strong suspicion that the danger from contaminable biological agents is overrated, and that the claims are there as a part of a power grab with "pandemic countermeasures".[4] Even, HIV, which might have had some gain-of-function research and might have been injected into Africans in the 1980s in an attempted depopulation, did not live up to its claimed effects, and does not cause AIDS.


Full article: Biological weapon/Preparation

In over 200 cases the US tested bioweapons on their own citizens, according to 'official' news in the commercially-controlled media.[5][6] Preparations overlap with "Terrorism/Preparation" since Anthrax was used in a false flag event and Pandemic/Preparation as the proposed solution is preemtive development and large scale funding of new (genetically modified) vaccines.

Ethnic bioweapon

The development of ethnic bioweapons and their projected use has been a matter of discussion for decades.[7][8]


2002-2003 SARS epidemic in Southern China

Full article: SARS

In 2003 ABC News reported on Sergei Kolesnikov's claim that the virus was made in a laboratory.[9] The Sydney Morning Herald headlined a 2008 article SARS a Chinese weapon: Taiwan official which began "Taiwan's top national security chief was forced to apologise after suggesting the deadly SARS virus could have been developed in Chinese laboratories as a bio-weapon. National Security Bureau director Tsai Chao-ming..."[10]

2009 avian flu contamination

In February 2009, Baxter International shipped 72 kg material to 16 laboratories in 4 countries. The material was marked as vaccine, but contained live H5N1 avian flu virus material as well as a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses.[11]

2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak‎‎

Full article: 2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak‎‎

In late 2019 Covid-19 was detected, first in China, leading the Commercially-controlled media to assume it originated there. The suggestion that it might be a man-made biological weapon was met with widespread censorship by the commercially-controlled media (most obviously Twitter).[12]

Level 4 Bioweapons labs

Map US Biodefense Program.jpg

Research into the most hazardous substances and so called "feature enhancement" is carried out at Biosafety level 4 facilities. The diseases studied there are fatal to humans and animals and with no known cure.[13]


The United States operates a high number of level 4 labs worldwide.[14][15] Accidents and carelessness on the side management shows, that it is not possible to operate these labs, even those with the highest security level, safely all the time.[16] Especially notorious is the Plum Island bio lab near Long island.[17][18] It was operated only as a biosafety level 3 lab,[19] but it stands as an well documented example for technical and administrative problems that these facilities face. The research facility at Fort Detrick was shut down by the CDC in July 2019, citing failure to follow local procedures, lack of periodic recertification training for workers in the biocontainment laboratories and problems with the wastewater decontamination system.[20]


2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak map.jpg

The only such facility in mainland China is the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 8.6 miles from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market which the World Health Organization linked to the first reported cluster of Covid-19 patients, 44 people who became unwell with pneumonia of unknown cause, at the start of what was then referred to as the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, later the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.



Page nameDescription
"COVID-19/Vaccine"The "vaccine" for COVID 19?
2001 Anthrax attacksA week after 9/11, weaponised anthrax spores was sent from a US lab to media offices and to two U.S. Senators who were obstructing the rollback of civil liberties. A $100M FBI investigation concluded that posthumously blamed a "lone nut" researcher. In 2015, the FBI head of the investigation sued the US Attorney General alleging that exculpating evidence had been withheld.
African swine fever
Alpha-gal syndromeA tick-borne allergy to red meat that some have speculated is a biological weapon.
France/Biological weaponsThe French government is still highly secretive about this research .
Infectious cloneArtificially created homogenous copies of a single RNA virion, usable as a bioweapon creating symptoms of acute respiratory distress
Israel/Biological weapons
Morgellons diseaseDisputed condition described as the "formation of strange fibers growing out of unbroken skin", that the official narrative stamps as a psychiatric illness - possibly because it might be a biological weapon.
Potato beetle
SmallpoxDeadly virus eradicated in the wild after a vaccination campaign.
South Africa/Biological weapons
UK/Biological weapons


Related Quotations

1959“A US Army operating manual from 1956 stated explicitly that biological and chemical warfare were an integral operating portion of US military strategy, were not restricted in any way, and that Congress had given the military “First Strike” authority on their use. In 1959, an attempt by Congress to remove this first-strike authority was defeated by the White House and bio-chemical weapons expenditures increased from $75 million to almost $350 million.”Larry Romanoff2020
David Baltimore“When I first saw the furin cleavage site <a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a> in the viral sequence, with its arginine codons, I said to my wife it was the smoking gun for the origin of the virus. (...) These features make a powerful challenge to the idea of a natural origin for SARS2.”David Baltimore
Anthony Fauci“After the 9/11 attacks, and the mysterious anthrax mailings that began a week later (which said, “TAKE PENACILIN [sic] NOW / DEATH TO AMERICA / DEATH TO ISRAEL / ALLAH IS GREAT”), the desire for biopreparedness became all consuming. Now there were emerging biothreats from humans as well as from the evolving natural world. Fauci’s anti-terror budget went from $53 million in 2001 to $1.7 billion in 2003.”Anthony Fauci
Nicholson Baker
4 January 2021
Genetic Extinction Technology“And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”Project for the New American Century
Genetic Extinction Technology“Given that Darpa is a military agency, we find it surprising that the obvious and concerning dual-use aspects of this research have received so little attention,”Felix Beck - lawyer at the University of Freiburg2018
Genetic Extinction Technology“It is very much easier to kill or sterilise a plant using gene editing than it is to make it herbicide or insect-resistant.”Guy Reeves
Expert in GM insects at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
Robert Kadlec““If several kilograms of an agent like anthrax were disseminated in New York City today, conservative estimates put the number [of] deaths occurring in the first few days at 400,000. Thousands of others would be at risk of dying within several days if proper antibiotics and vaccination were not started immediately. Millions of others would be fearful of being exposed and seek or demand medical care as well. Beyond the immediate health implications of such an act, the potential panic and civil unrest would create an equally large response.””Robert Kadlec1998
Sasha Latypova“The perpetrators desperately, at all cost, need you to to believe that "mutating viruses in a lab" achieves some scary result, that then can be "leaked". That anyone can do it, even a PhD student in their garage. That our enemies are doing it and will "release" a super scary bug any time now, unless the Government is "prepared" by making a stockpile of "predictive vaccines" that can be deployed in DAYS after a new scary virus is detected in China. Or Timbuktu.

It is, however, a narrative. There is no way to "mutate viruses" in a lab in the way they all imply - to artificially make them deadlier and more transmissible at the same time. This is a propaganda fairytale with a very specific goal. You should be very concerned about any person (on "their" side or "ours") who repeats it with a serious face.

Sure, scientists can experiment with soups of DNA/RNA and grow things in petri dishes. They can design mutations on the computer and try to make concoctions of things. Are those "viruses" that can "leak from the lab" and "infect the world"? No. The proof of this is that while there are 1000 biolabs in the US and Western world playing with viruses. no pandemics or epidemics have resulted from these activities.”
Sasha Latypova27 January 2023
Toxoplasma gondii“You want to know something terrifying? Here's something terrifying and not surprising. The U.S. military knows about Toxo and its effect on behavior. They're interested in Toxo. They're officially intrigued. An I would think they would be intrigued, studying a parasite that makes mammals perhaps do things that everything in their fiber normally tells them not to do because it's dangerous. But suddenly, with this parasite on board, the mammal is a little more likely to go and do it. Who knows? But they're aware of Toxo.”Professor in neurology and neurosurgery Robert Sapolsky2 December 2009


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