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Concept.png Bitcoin 
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A crpytocurrency

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, created by the pseudonymous 'Satoshi'.

Money laundering

Bitcoin's properties as a decentralized and uncensorable distributed system made it a decent tool for money laundering in its early days, however due to its fully transparent ledger, transactions can be de-anonymized with tools such as Chainalysis, and one's pseudonymous address could theoretically be traced back to their identity. Even though these wallets cannot be seized by law enforcement under normal circumstances, transactions can be blacklisted on exchanges. [1]

Attempts to anonymize one's Bitcoin holdings (through Mixer services, etc.) could potentially been as a red flag by exchanges, which could lead to blacklisting.

Increasingly, those who wish to keep their transactions private are turning to privacy coins such as Monero, and analysis companies are working hard to de-anonymize it. [2]


The Intercept reports that already by 2013, the NSA had named Bitcoin as "#1 priority" and was interested in "tracking down" its users.[3]

Legal position

Bitcoin is illegal in some countries. This is changing fast, so check the wikipedia article for up to date information on this.

In December 2017, Australian banks froze the accounts of bitcoin users.[4]

Bitcoin is legal tender in El Salvador from September 2021.


In 2018, Israel announced an intention to tax Bitcoin.[5]


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