Black propaganda

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Concept.png Black propaganda 
Type of propaganda misrepresented to be written by the enemy, often to discredit him.

Black propaganda is a form of propaganda in which the source of the propaganda is disguised or misrepresented in one way or another so as not be attributable to the people who really put it out, a forgery. This is often done to discredit an enemy.

This distinguishes black from grey propaganda, from a seemingly neutral source; and white propaganda, such as news bulletins and similar statements issued by one side in a conflict extolling its successes, or other material just as clearly designed to serve the purposes of its identifiable authors.



Page nameDatePerpetratorsDescription
Steele dossierA dossier of smears concocted by Christopher Steele of Orbis Business Intelligence.
Zinoviev LetterWinston Churchill
George Ball
Desmond Morton
MI5 fake letter published in the Daily Mail to destroy the 1924 Labour government