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Page nameDescription
Document:Behind the 2011 Orgy of DestabilisationsA review of the book by David Ray Griffin
Document:Cognitive Infiltration
Document:Cruel Britannia - A Secret History of Torture
Document:Full Spectrum DominanceA review of the book by William Engdahl.
Document:Review of "Freedom and the Future of the Internet"
Document:The Balkan Wars
Document:The Gospel according to Saint Jim
Document:Whitehall FarceJames Rusbridger: "Secrecy turns otherwise rational people into fascistic nutters; secrecy allows untold billions of pounds and endless energies to be wasted in unnecessary intelligence; secrecy pollutes the political process, muzzles what is left of the independent press and makes a mockery of Parliament and elections."
File:Stalin's willing executioners.pdfAn extended review of The Jewish Century, a 2004 book by Jewish academic Yuri Slezkine which deals in some depth with the issue of Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik revolution
From Communist to Neoconservative

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