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Location Botswana AU Africa.svg
Flag of Botswana.svg
LocationSouthern Africa, Africa
Typenation state
Member ofAfrican Union, Commonwealth of Nations, Organisation of African Unity, UN
Country in Southern Africa. Formerly part of the British Empire, Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.

Botswana is a sparsely populated nation state in southern Africa.


Tha nation contains a lot of diamond deposits.

Formerly one of the world's poorest countries—with a GDP per capita of about US$70 per year in the late 1960s—Botswana has since transformed itself into an upper middle income country, with one of the world's fastest-growing economies.

Resistance to WHO NWO

In 2022, Botswana rejected a WHO pandemic treaty on behalf of its 47 AFRO members.[1]


The Botswanan government has unleashed a genocidal program against the bushmen, in the Kalahari - including shooting them from helicopters. They are deemed to be illegally breaking its ban on hunting, since they have not board licenses sold to tourists for the sport.[2]


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