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The British military presence in its former colony Belize in Central America.

British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB), the successor of the former British Forces Belize, is the name given to the current (2018) British Army Garrison in Belize. The garrison is used primarily for jungle warfare training, with access to over 5,000 square miles of jungle terrain, provided by the Government of Belize.[1]

In 2010, the UK government announced it would mothball the facility as part of its Strategic Defence and Security Review. However, in 2015, reports indicated that BATSUB was seeing "increased usage".[2] In November 2015, the UK government announced it was re-establishing the facility as part of its 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review.[3]

BATSUB is located near Belize International Airport, at Price Barracks, Ladyville.


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