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(Covid-19 dissenter)
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Interests • Remdesivir
• Hospital protocols
• COVID-19/Euthanasia
• Face mask
MD who's father in law died due to fatal hospital protocols.

Dr Bryan Ardis is critical of the use of Remdesivir for corona patients. His research lead him to conclude that 22% of the people who were injected suffered from multiple organ failure, Renal failure, hypotension, and septic shock.[1][2]

Behavioral conditioning

He was raised in the Mormon church and sees overlap between cult communication and tactics used by the commercially-controlled media to negate Covid critical information. The church asks it's members:[3]

  • do not go outside and read anything out of church literature, "anti-Mormon" literature (only trust us)
  • do not associate with other groups outside the church
  • political cults (according to Steven Hassan) act in a following way:
    • control the media
    • prevent free assembly
    • behavioral implementation, wearing an article of clothing for conditioning (like masks)

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