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Chair of half of the meetings of Le Cercle.

Employment.png Le Cercle/Chairman (Europe)
Michael Ancram.jpg
Incumbent: Michael Ancram
Since 2008

Leader ofLe Cercle

Le Cercle was chaired initially by Antoine Pinay, hence the name 'Pinay Cercle'. The British took over the chairmanship of the group at some point (according to Brian Crozier's memoirs, in 1971). Possibly at the same time, the group was switched from exclusively European meetings to a general pattern of biannual meetings on alternating sides of the Atlantic. This arrangement had separate European and US chairs of the group.

Geoffrey Tantum was named in 1997 by The Telegraph as the Cercle's UK secretary.[1]

Unreferenced Office Holders

An anonymous editor to Wikipedia added the following dates and chairmen in November 2018:


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Michael Ancram2008Start date is conjecture, but would be after October 13, 2008
Norman Lamont19962008He quit between 13 October 2008 and 3 April 2013.
Jonathan Aitken19931996
Christian Schwarz-Schilling19921993
Julian Amery19851992
Brian Crozier19711985Crozier himself is the source for this start date, which is uncertain.
Antoine Pinay19531971These dates are pure conjecture, but fit with other data.


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