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Le Cercle.

Dr. Charles B. H. Fincham was a South African diplomat, a Cercle attendee, and an important figure in South Africa-Israel relations.[1]


Angola Consul General

In November 1961, Charles B H Fincham was the South African Consul General in Luanda, Angola.[1]

1972- Israel Consul General

In 1972 Dr. Charles Fincham, as a senior foreign affairs officer, left South Africa for Israel shortly to open the new Consulate General in Tel Aviv.[2] "In September 1972, Israel abstained from a UN vote to grant the ANC observer status, just a few days after the Israeli foreign ministry had informed South African Consul-General Charles Fincham that their government would be more accommodating to his country at the United Nations."[3]

Charles Fincham reported to his superiors in 1978: “I feel that we should be very aware of the kind of goodwill which ex–South African Jews assist in building up for us here [in Israel].”[4]


In 1980, as a member of the South African Institute of International Affairs he published on the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea.[5]


He attended the 1984 meeting of Le Cercle, and is credited as "Ambassador (rtd.) S.A. Institute for International Affairs".


Event Participated in

Le Cercle/1984 (Capetown)12 January 198415 January 1984Stellenbosch
South Africa
4 day meeting of Le Cercle in Capetown exposed after Joel Van der Reijden discovered the attendee list for this conference and published it online in 2011