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(propagandist, academic)
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Member ofInstitute for Statecraft, Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Belgium
Institute for Statecraft senior fellow, 31 years experience in NATO.

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In office
January 2016 - Present
EmployerInstitute for Statecraft

Chris Scheurweghs is a NATO official and Institute for Statecraft senior fellow.[1]


Scheurweghs got a teaching diploma in 1978.


In 1982, Scheurweghs joined NATO. His LinkedIn page suggested as of 2020 that he stayed with NATO until April 2013, and was Deputy Head Communication and Technology section.[2] He also worked as an Assistant Professor of Media.[3]

In 1995 he sent out e-mails with general information about NATO activity.[4][5][6] By 1999 he was "head of NATO's Integrated Data Service, which is responsible for providing public information on the NATO operation".[7] In 2008 this was still the case.[8] Another news item from 1999 refers to him as "NATO webmaster".[9]

In 2008 he was listed as contact for a planning study for NATO’s Public Diplomacy Department for a new NATO HQ Library.[10]

Chris Scheurweghs joined the Institute for Statecraft in January 2016.[11] and was present at the planning meetings December 2015 between the founders of the Integrity Initiative and the executive director of the Institute for European Studies as listed in the Document:Monthly_Accounts that were part of the third Integrity Initiative leak.