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Event.png Christchurch mass shooting  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date15 March 2019
LocationChristchurch,  New Zealand
Blamed onBrenton Tarrant
Type• mass shooting
• gun control shooting
• mass murder
Injured (non-fatal)50
DescriptionA mass shooting at two New Zealand mosques. It was followed by a crackdown on freedom of speech.

The Christchurch Mass Shooting happened in Christchurch, New Zealand on 15 March 2019. It was livestreamed onto the internet.[1] Four people were arrested. It was followed by unprecedented threats to try to prevent spread of the livestreamed video.

Official narrative

Brenton Tarrant emailed the New Zealand Prime Minister a manifesto and then went on a "lone nut" shooting spree, killing 50 people, livestreaming the mass murder on the internet as he did so.


Commercially-controlled media have been reluctant to use the phrase "terrorism"", with Fox News settling instead on calling it a "mass shooting".


"Snipers from the New Zealand military, as well as professional snipers from Australia and Asian countries, had been at the Defence Force shooting range at West Melton, 25kms west of the city".[2]


CNN reported that "New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's office received an email with the manifesto from the suspect behind the mass shootings at two Christchurch mosques, minutes before the attack began."[3]


The BBC reported on 18 March that Recep Tayyip Erdogan showed sections of the video to supporters at political rallies.[4]


The video Tarrant live-streamed, of which copies were uploaded to video platforms in the immediate aftermath, has been noted to have several "anomalies". In it, bullet casings do appear mid air; when he starts the shooting, 52 shots are fired apparently without reloading, when he does, what comes in the filed of view is a 30 round magazine.[5][6]


A global collaboration quickly swung in to action to try to control access to the event. A Saidit commentator termed it " a test run to remove en mass anything that the establishment/TPTB doesn't like or want you to see or know."[7]

New Zealand government

The NZ government announced that they would tighten gun control.[8][9]

New Zealand Police

The New Zealand Police attempted to suppress sharing of videos of the event

The New Zealand Police deemed that video of the attack was "objectionable" and that anyone sharing it could be liable for up to 14 years in jail and that even "knowingly" possessing was punishable with up to 10 years.[10]


By 17 March the NZ police were arrested and charging people with sharing videos of the shootings.[11][12][13]


Philip Arps, who pleaded guilty to sharing the livestreamed video to about 30 people shortly after the shooting, was sentenced in the Christchurch District Court to 21 months in prison in June 2019.[14]

Gun confiscation

By 26 March, only 37 New Zealand guns had been returned (out of a total of about 1.2 million)[15]. The police began visiting gun owners homes to confiscate guns, leading to at least one fatality by 27 March 2019.[16]

Freedom of speech restriction

After the event Vladimir Putin passed a bill to ban "fake news" and another to make it illegal to insult public officials.[17]

Identitarian movement

Tarrant sent donations to the Identitarian movement, to the account of Martin Sellner, before he went on the shooting rampage,[citation needed] bringing severe legal trouble on Sellner (from which he was later cleared).

Bespoke malware

By 29 March, "Security house Blue Hexagon claims it discovered a version of the killer's manifesto doing the rounds online containing Windows malware that, when executed with the necessary privileges, reboots the system and leaves the user staring at an anti-racist message. The idea being to punish those who seek out the document, it appears."[18]


Extremism means new censorship surveillance laws are necessary.

PewDiePie ADL controversy in Autumn 2019.


The Official Culprit

Brenton Tarrant
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