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HeadquartersPrinceton, New Jersey
Sponsored byMacArthur Foundation, Tides Foundation
Membership• Stephen W. Pacala
• Wendy Schmidt
• Michael Oppenheimer
• Decker Anstrom
• Carl Ferenbach
• Randall Hack
• Robert Litterman
• Vivian Schiller
• Kathryn Murdoch
• Jane Lubchenco
• Benjamin Strauss
• Ed Maibach

Climate Central (CC) is a propaganda workshop that "communicates climate change science, effects, and solutions to the public and decision-makers" by creating storylines and compelling visuals that "make climate change personal".[1]

By giving this content for free to a large number of TV meteorologists, identified as sources the audience inherently trusts, their graphics bypasses normal skepticism and "reach audiences across diverse geographies and beliefs".[1] Specialities include stories and graphics of sea level rise, extreme weather, and temperature charts with lots of dramatic red colour on them.[1]


"Will YOUR city survive the next 30 years? Interactive map predicts the British seaside spots likely to be wiped out by rising sea levels"- free alarmist contents based on computer model, used in 2021 by among others Country Living Magazine[2], Daily Mail[3], The Mirror[4], Metro UK[5], Daily Express[6] and a number of local papers
Scary imagery used by Fox5DanDiego[7] and a number of other stations

In 2021, articles, stories, and segments using CC content has been used more than 18,000 in more than 150 countries, contributing to "unprecedented global media coverage of climate change". It provides production-ready graphics and "climate science reporting resources" to meteorologists and journalists in 95% of U.S. media markets. CC has built strong relationships with thousands of trusted, mostly local "messengers who deliver our content".[8]

Climate Central has been featured in many prominent U.S. corporate media, including The New York Times, the Associated Press, Reuters, NBC Nightly News, Time, National Public Radio, PBS, Scientific American, and The Washington Post.[9]


In 2008, professor at George Mason University Ed Maibach and Anthony Leiserowitz of Yale investigated how the public felt about "climate change". Their findings concluded that Americans considered TV weathercasters among their most trusted sources of "global-warming" information.[10]

In 2009, Maibach received a grant from the National Science Foundation explore the idea. Maibach found Jim Gandy, a TV meteorologist who was willing to use his airtime "not just to provide tomorrow’s forecast but to show viewers how climate change was impacting their local community." To Gandy’s surprise, the many segments on "climate change" didn’t generate the audience blowback he feared.[10]

Maibach had to confront a series of entrenched problems inside the broadcast-­meteorology community, including "alarming levels of climate denial and skepticism". Maibach and his partners launched an aggressive effort to "educate" meteorologists on climate change, with in-person trainings and other methods[10].

They also found that many weathercasters lack the time and resources to produce credible-looking climate-related segments. To address this, Maibach’s partner organization, Climate Central, stepped up to furnish climate-­reporting materials to all participating weathercasters. By the end of 2021, the Climate Matters network of meteorologists had penetrated into nearly every media market in the country.[10]


Funders include several dark money cut-outs, like the Tides Foundation, making the ultimate backers invisible. Of notable importance is Google executive and deep politician Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy Schmidt, through their family foundation. [11]

In 2021, other sponsors included 3greenassistance, Actions@EBMF,S. Decker and Sherron Anstrom Family Fund,Askov Finlayson, CO2 Foundation, The David R. and Patricia D. Atkinson Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Emerson Collective, Grantham Foundation, Robert G. and Ellen S. Gutenstein Foundation, The Randall and Mary Hack Foundation, Harney & Sons, Heising-Simons Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, High Meadows Foundation, JPB Foundation, Kresge Foundation,The Landers Family, Litterman Family Fund, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Robert and Elizabeth Muller Foundation, Quadrivium Foundation, [[Ed Rounds and Callae Walcott Round, George H. and Estelle M. Sands Foundation, The Schmidt Family Foundation, Nancy and Greg Serrurier, Tides Foundation, Tiger Baron Foundation, VoLo Foundation, Helen and Will Webster Foundation


Known members

2 of the 12 of the members already have pages here:

Michael Oppenheimer
Vivian SchillerCorporate journalist with ties to the deep state



MacArthur FoundationFinances non-profit organizations and select people in approximately 50 countries around the world, buying immense cultural and political influence. It often coordinates its priorities with other deep state foundations, creating a mesh of grants, cross-grants and sub-grants that is very hard to analyze.
Tides FoundationFunneling large amounts of anonymous deep state dark money to "activists" mostly on the "left"