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Group.png Cliveden Set  
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Cliveden House.jpg
Cliveden House
HeadquartersCliveden House
Membership• Nancy Astor
• Waldorf Astor
• Geoffrey Dawson
• Philip Kerr
• Edward Wood
• William Montagu
• Robert Brand
• [[..|...]]
A pro-appeasement 1930s UK deep state faction

The Cliveden Set were a important faction of the UK Deep state in the 1930s. Their support for the policy of appeasing Adolf Hitler meant that the group's influence was brought to an end in 1939 after Germany invaded Czechoslovakia and WW2 began.


The Cliveden Set were a 1930s, upper class group of prominent individuals politically influential in pre-World War II Britain, who were in the circle of Nancy Astor. The name comes from Cliveden, the stately home in Buckinghamshire, her country residence.


The group had fascist leanings and sought to appease Adolf Hitler[1]


A hit piece about the Cliveden Set.

The term "Cliveden Set" was first used by the Reynolds News in an article of 28th November 1937 that argued that the group were highly sympathetic to fascism.[2]


Known members

5 of the 8 of the members already have pages here:

Nancy AstorThe first woman to take her seat in Parliament, a key member of the Cliveden Set
Waldorf AstorMulti-millionaire UK deep politician, Chair of Chatham House ...
Robert BrandLeader of the Milner Group from 1940
Philip Henry KerrUK deep state actor who worked under Alfred Milner and Lionel George Curtis
Edward WoodSenior conservative politician and President of the Pilgrims Society
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