Coalition for Peace Through Strength

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Group.png Coalition for Peace Through Strength
Coalition for Peace Through Strength pamphlet.jpg
FormationAugust 1978
FounderAmerican Security Council
HeadquartersWashington DC
Interestsnuclear weapons, nuclear disarmament

The Coalition for Peace Through Strength was a front group for the MICC keen to oppose the nuclear disarmament movement.[1]


"To restore military strength the Coalition for Peace Through Strength created a Congressional caucus, counting 145 Congressman among its initial membership. It also affiliated with a number of anticommunist groups to amplify disparate efforts to oppose the SALT II treaty.

The meaning of this version of the ’peace through strength’ slogan had shifted since Ford’s 1975 speech. It no longer described the need to pursue peaceful policies alongside military strength to meet American objectives. Now, for the Coalition, ‘peace through strength’ expressed the notion that there would be no peace without sufficient military strength. There was no mention of interdependence or cooperation that Ford had regarded as equally important."[1]