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Edward Bennett Williams was Robert Maheu's debating team partner. The two later worked together.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Philip Crawley28 July 1951USDiplomat
Jonathan Favreau2 June 1981
Robert Maheu30 October 19174 August 2008Spook
Deep state actor
Howard Hughes' right-hand man for many years. A deep state operative suspected of contracting Thane Eugene Cesar to assassinate RFK.
William McDonough21 April 193422 January 2018USDeep state operativeCFR, TLC, 7 Bilderbergs, Group of Thirty, NY Fed Chairman..
J. William Middendorf22 September 1924Diplomat
Peter Welch2 May 1947USPolitician
Edward Bennett Williams31 May 192013 August 1988USLawyer
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