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Russell Brand
Lee Camp
George CarlinA comedian who developed an highly accurate observational interest in deep politics towards the end of his life.
Sacha Baron CohenClaiming to be a provocateur, he reinforces enemy images of groups the liberal establishment needs to dehumanize to attack: rednecks, Arabs, Eastern Europeans, Central Asians..
Stephen ColbertAmerican establishment comedian
Jimmy DoreAmerican comedian; the host of The Jimmy Dore Show.
Graham ElwoodAmerican comedian, actor, and writer.
Stephen Fry
Janey GodleyScottish Nationalist, paid to promote face masks and lockdowns in a series of ad campaigns.
Bill HicksA charismatic comedian and social critic with a pronounced interest in third rail topics such as the JFK Assassination.
C. J. HopkinsAmerican political satirist based in Berlin. A prominent Covid dissident, he was persecuted by the German judicial system on trumped-up charges.
Dieudonné M'bala M'balaFrench Comedian, inventor of the Quenelle.
Chrissie MayrAmerican comedian and Covid-19 dissenter
Pierre Palmade
Sir Tony Robinson
Joe RoganHost of the world's most popular podcast. He frequently dissents from the Official narrative.
Bob SagetUS comedian known for his adult-oriented 'bad taste' stand-up comedy.
Mort SahlA stand up comedian similar to George Carlin who spoke out about the crimes of the US deep state.
Alexei SayleComedy legend Alexei Sayle could stand against Keir Starmer in Holborn St Pancras
Dave SmithAmerican libertarian comedian.
Alex SteinUS comedian known for his vaccine rap at Dallas City Hall.
Chris TuckerUS comedian and actor, YGL, flew the Lolita Express
Stefane ZamoranoAmerican comedian; the wife of Jimmy Dore and the producer of The Jimmy Dore Show.


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