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The UK government's website that presents company information

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Companies House presents information on UK companies.

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David Aaronovitch 8BO71BkNYIig/appointmentsUK deep state propagandist on topics from the Bilderberg group to the UK COVID-19 Lockdown. Denied being connected to the Integrity Initiative although leaked documents included his name.
Kevin Abraham for Statecraft businessman
Active Change Foundation closely with the Institute for Statecraft on "de-radicalisation"
Aegis Defence Services founded in 2002 by Cercle attendee Tim Spicer
Jack Agazarian for Statecraft businessman whose name was gone by 10 January 2019.
Saleyha Ahsan freelance reporter, film maker and A&E doctor with a Sandhurst background. She has traveled to conflict zones in North Africa and Asia and made films and news reports including Libya, Syria, Bosnia, Palestine, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. She appeared with "Dr Rola" in the controversial 2013 video shown on the BBC's Panorama news programme calling for humanitarian bombings of Syria.
Alex Aiken sclRI/appointmentsSenior UK "Director of Communications"
Aktis Strategy defunct following allegations of "gross financial mismanagement"
David Allfrey JT4oQ mLjbuNeas/appointmentsFormer head of the UK Army's head of recruitment strategy, Institute for Statecraft
Alfredo Ambrosetti times Bilderberg visitor Italian businessman
Thomas Thune Andersen 7I-3dOXqETDkuDdf6I/appointmentsDanish Bilderberg banker businessman
Anti-Slavery International
Astutus Intelligence UK limited company started in 2015 by two Institute for Statecraft directors and a third man. Dissolved in 2019.
Graham Avery I52NFef2N3 DI/appointmentsUK businessman, Chief Adviser for Enlargement, European Community
Balli Group Plc privately held company with a subsidiary, Balli Aviation that in 2010 pleaded guilty to charges of illegally exporting Boeing aircraft to Iran, in breach of sanctions.
Bank of England
Neil Barnett
Simon Ralph Barrett
David Bawtree cOjtrNpw/appointments
John Bell researcher who attended the 2013 Bilderberg. Appointed to the UK Vaccine Task Force. Became a center of attention when he stated that COVID-19 vaccines "are unlikely to completely sterilize a population".
Samantha de Bendern deep state-connected polyglot "international civil servant" with a masters degree in Wealth Management, fellow of the Institute for Statecraft, Chatham House
Gaby van den Berg extremely experienced and well-connected behavioural and communication scientist "very interested" in the IfS.
Tessa Blackstone politician
William Bortrick for Statecraft senior fellow whose name was removed from their website before 10 January 2019. Drafted a letter which claimed that Charles Windsor was "100% behind" a cash for citizenship and CBE case.
Brazzaville Foundation
Vendeline von Bredow journalist
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon Xk/appointmentsUK soldier turned businessman and author
Robert Brinkley UK diplomat, Chatham House
Britain-Russia Centre and the British East-West Centre
British Bankers' Association trade association for bankers which was working with the Integrity Initiative.
British-American Project
Zbigniew Brzezinski central US Deep politician, Cercle, Bilderberg, ...
Robin Buchanan Bilderberger US businessman
Christopher Burrows 3gW5ZqmAatM8dEIwPX05P5Y/appointments
Cambridge Analytica big data mining company
Carphone Warehouse
Kaspar Cassani zhr -ZkeN8LXI/appointmentsChairman and president of the IBM World Trade Corporation. Attended the 1985 Bilderberg.
Center for Countering Digital Hate group to pressure big tech" to "deplatform" and "demonetize" dissidents from YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Paypal etc.
Nicholas Chance -f0mwNDWP1WIipYFjA/appointments
Anthony Cooke eabS50ji0Igs/appointments"Shipowner", member of the UK Privy Council, director of the Institute for Statecraft
Bronwyn Nanette Curtis
Oleksandr Danylyuk L3wKwEJTFBSDrwFMBeS2ugbOY0/appointments
Ian Hay Davison 37XmJqFlBXMw/appointmentsSingle Bilderberg UK banker. Managed the rapid growth of the accounting company Arthur Andersen in the UK.
Richard Dearlove 99BIcQwg/appointmentsHead of MI6 from 1999 to 2004. Publicly announced in 2020 that he believed Covid-19 came from a laboratory.
Kingsley Donaldson RSPot8T9PVfw/appointments
Chris Donnelly EpN6UT9WKjNCj3o5vA6bzlsTvc/appointmentsA UK Deep politician who set up the Institute for Statecraft (amongst other groups).
Robert Dover academic with a special interest in UK/Western intelligence agencies. Institute for Statecraft, as is at least one of his graduate students. His name had been removed from the IfS website by 10 January 2019.
Martin Dubbey member of the Institute for Statecraft with years of experience involving "corruption enquiries at the highest level".
Stewart Eldon r0H4SFQ/appointmentsUK DSO interested in "counter-corruption" and "National Security". Former UK/Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council, Institute for Statecraft
Electoral Reform Society
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