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AMDOfficially the competitor to Intel, but as deeply embedded in the NATSEC apparatus.
AT&TThe world's largest telecommunications company and the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the USA
Abt AssociatesFor-profit research firm founded that contracts for governments and private entities. The company researches and administers deep state agendas, and has an extensive history of working with the CIA.
American Continental CorporationArizona company involved in the Savings and loan fraud through its chairman Charles Keating.
AppleA tech company, in a corrupt duopoly with Microsoft, its effective social engineering of children during the 2010s and 2000s and its adaption of youth culture made it the most valuable company in the world. PRISM-member. Throws activists or anyone not a WEF-member of their platform in geopolitical dilemmas. Fashion industry and wage slavery promoter.
British East India CompanyOnce the biggest opium trader in the world.
British Petroleum
British-American Tobacco
Capital Partners Securities
Coca-ColaBeverage company. It forces poor people to use them as replacement for polluted water supplies... that CC caused.
ComverseAmerican Tech company which does most of its research and development in Israel.
ConvarData recovery company, now diversified.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
CrisisCastBritish company with close ties to the military providing realistic crisis actors.
DTEKthe largest private investor in the energy industry in Ukraine
Dominion voting systemsManufacturer of voting machines.
Equilibrium Gulf Limited
FazzeUK-based PR agency with alleged Russian connections, which promoted misinformation about the COVID-19/Vaccine.
First Intercontinental Development Corporation
Holding company
IntelBiggest US Tech company, its owner warned its main products would become a casus belli for WW3.
Jardine MathesonConglomeration based on "the world's most valuable single commodity trade of the nineteenth century", opium.
Journeyman Pictures
Koç HoldingThe largest industrial conglomerate in Turkey,
Kurdistan Development Corporation
MicrosoftStarted in 1975 with Paul Allen, Bill Gates developed Microsoft from a operating system maker of computers into one of the most prolific companies of all time, valued over $1 trillion, 3rd most valuable in the world. MS has over a billion in fines from corruption, mass surveillance violations & tax evasion. MS has market shares in dozens of markets, leading in the Platformization-epidemic of the 2010s started by big tech. It was the first partner in the NSA-PRISM program.
PermindexCIA front
PhilipsAn electric company which was a major funder of Le Cercle.
Premier Election Solutions
Private military companyToday's mercenaries.
Private-equity firmPredatory "Buyout firms"
Russo-British Chamber of CommerceUK company which has had at least two Institute for Statecraft members as directors.
SamsungAsian big tech company. Owned by a family caught bribing Korean presidents.
Scott Trust LtdHolding company of the Guardian and the Observer
Scottish American Investment CompanyLong established investment company
Standard Elektrik Lorenz
UK/Council on Foreign RelationsA dormant limited company set up in 2010 by many of the same people who set up the Integrity Initiative.
UnileverMultinational specialized in providing people the illusion of choice in local supermarkets. Targeted by Operation Gladio-agents in the Netherlands with blackmail.
Walsingham Partners
Washington Speakers Bureau
Y CombinatorTechnology investor which has launched more than 4,000 companies, including Airbnb, Reddit and Dropbox.
eSurvAn Italian developer of surveillance systems. Identified by Security Without Borders as the author of the state-sponsored spyware, Exodus.
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