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An unusual geographic categorisation, from the WEF/YGL 2014-15 annual report. They sometimes use different geographical breakups, but the northern hemisphere-centric Mercator projection is standard
Large landmasses

A continent is one of several large landmasses, mostly delineated by water.


Europe is sometimes counted as a continent, although this is rather anomalous. Sometimes it is included in Eurasia with Asia.



Page nameDescription
AfricaThe "dark continent", almost completely overrun by European colonialists, now full of nominally independent governments. Its exploitation continues in a range of more modern, complex, forms, such as land grabbing.
AsiaThe largest continent on earth.
EurasiaThe largest continental area on earth
EuropeOvertook Asia as richest continent in the 1400s. Was the location of two World Wars in the 1900s signalling its infighting and economic decline. The federalisation of the Europe politically in the European Union to solve the decline along with the influence of NATO has caused concerns over its future. Immigration to Europe has become a weapon used in deep lobbying and deep politics since the 2000s.
North America
OceaniaMostly Australia and New Zealand, but also a lot of islands in the Pacific Ocean.
South AmericaA continent subject to terrorisation by the US

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