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Group.png Corona Investigative Committee
Corona Investigative Committee.jpg
FormationApril 2020
FounderWolfgang Wodarg
InterestsCovid-19, Christian Drosten, Medical malpractice, Rigged science, Fraud, “COVID-19/Vaccine”, COVID-19/Vaccine/Safety, COVID-19/Purposes
Membership• Antonia Fischer
• Viviane Fischer
• Reiner Fuellmich
• Justus P. Hoffmann
Lawyer committee investigating the "Corona pandemic".

The Corona Investigative Committee (German name: Stiftung Corona Ausschuss) is a group of four lawyers (Antonia Fischer, Viviane Fischer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Justus P. Hoffmann) who gathered together at the suggestion of Wolfgang Wodarg to investigate inconsistencies in the official narrative about the emerging Corona pandemic and document their findings publicly. Since the first broadcast the committee has interviewed numerous guests from around the globe who are experts in their respective field:

The technical setup and streaming services are provided by the German company Oval Media.

A similar committee has been established in Israel; the Israeli Peoples Committee.


By August 2021 the committee had simultaneous translations into English for the German parts of the broadcast.

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Known members

2 of the 4 of the members already have pages here:

Viviane FischerDissident lawyer who works with the Corona Investigative Committee
Reiner FuellmichDissident lawyer who was involved with the Corona Investigative Committee, now accused of theft.
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