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Commercial Groups on Wikispooks

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7-Seas Global Intelligence
ArmorGroup of the largest private security firms operating in Iraq
ArmorGroup/North America
Armscor South Africa arms production an procurement company. Major node for SA and Western deep state activities.
Associated Press of corporate media
BAE Systems global arms company, with interests also in civilian avionics and engineering. Its subsidiaries are also involved in providing intelligence, personnel and logistics support to US/UK military.
Bank of Credit and Commerce International "Bank of Crooks and Criminals International", as some nicknamed it, was a bank set up to facilitate large scale, global money laundering, mainly to support a range of black operations by intelligence agencies.
Bank of England
Barrick Gold
Baxter International multi-billion dollar transnational corporation which is of interest as regards emerging diseases and vaccines.
Benador Associates
Booz Allen Hamilton for-profit part of the US Deep State.
Brazzaville Foundation
Britam Defence Ltdhttp://www.britamdefence.comA "risk management and training consultancy" that was the subject of a high profile 2013 data leak.
British Satellite BroadcastingA London based satellite television company
C13 Associates
Carlyle Grouphttp://carlyle.comA "private global investment firm" with around 1400 employees which has become the world's second largest private capital firm. Close connections to the deep state are suspected.
Comversehttp://www.cmvt.comAmerican Tech company which does most of its research and development in Israel.
Control Riskshttp://www.controlrisks.comA British private security company.
Corporate mediaThe corporate media refers to itself as 'mainstream' in an effort to marginalize so-called "alternative" media. While some instances (e.g. BBC) are not strictly commercial, all the corporate media is hierarchically structured, so a very small number of editors can censor or modify its output.
DMG Information
Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
Defence Export Services Organisation
Defence Public Affairs Consultants
Defence Strategy & Solutions LLP
Dresser Industries oil an gas sector supplier
El Al airliner flying from Central Israel, with several prolific incidents and covert operations ordered by the Deep State.
Encounter Books
Executive OutcomesA private military contractor which offered "Security management" and "full-service risk management consulting". It operated during the 1990s and boasted 500 military advisers and over 3000 military personnel, largely drawn from the South African Civil Cooperation Bureau.
G4S Secure Solutions British/American multinational security services company with deep ties to the US government and military complex
GPWhttp://www.gpwltd.comA firm of corporate investigators
General Atomics of the military-industrial complex, much more than nuclear.
GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation
Global Strategies Group
Huffman AviationFlorifa spooky flying school with connections to both CIA drug trafficking and 9-11.
IGOHighly influential and powerful organizations that legally go beyond borders. IGOs have become very close to forming an actual "new world order" in the 2000s.
Investigative Group International
J.P. Morgan & Co.
JPMorgan Chasehttp://www.jpmorganchase.comA multinational banking and financial services holding company. Deep state power for more than a century.
Janusian Security Risk Management
Kroll Inc.
Lehman Brothers bank which collapsed in 2008, resulting - according to the official narrative - in the Global Financial Crisis.
Lockheed"Nobody is doing a better job of arming the world than Lockheed-Martin"
London Security Group
Lonrho mining company
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Page nameDescription
AES Corporation
CACIMajor MIC contractor; torture in Abu Ghraib. Often referred to as “Colonels and Captains, Inc.” to indicate the frequent revolving door of senior military personnel in the company. The company also has strong Israeli ties.
China National Petroleum CorporationThe major national oil and gas corporation of China.
De Telegraaf
DisneyHuge mass media corporation.
DuPontBig chemical company. Supplied large amounts of explosives to many US wars. Lots of chemical products and artificial fibers. Since the 1990s, it has started focusing heavily on genetic engineering.
Elf AquitaineElf was a centerpiece of French neocolonial practices in Africa: influence peddling, corruption, violence, political manipulation, etc.
GannettThe most powerful mass media newspaper company in the USA.
Geek SquadWorked with the FBI to circumvent the need for search warrants for computers in for repair.
ITVBritish state media. Main rival of the BBC.
Imperial Chemical Industries
KKR & Co.
Koch IndustriesKoch family controlled corporation. Involved in many different industries.
MailchimpAutomated email subscriber service starting to censor users.
NRC Handelsblad
New York Times
Norsk HydroNorwegian company with heavy Bilderberg habit. One of the largest aluminium companies worldwide. Formerly also world big in fertilizers and heavy water, used to make nuclear weapons.
OracleTech company with significant connections to the national security industry
Parsons CorporationMilitary-industrial complex construction company. Had people at 2020 censorship conference.
Procter & GambleHuge multi-billion dollar multinational corporation; specialising in consumer goods.
RosneftRussian integrated oil and gas company. One of the few multinationals in the world not owned by the Western interlocking directorate of capital.
United States Steel Corporation
Warner BrothersHuge mass media corporation; leading part of the Film industry.
WhatsAppMessaging service owned by Facebook, and about just as untrustable.

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