Cuban Missile Crisis

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Soviet-R-12-nuclear-ballistic missile.jpg
Date16 October 1962 - 20 November 1962
DescriptionA military standoff between the USSR and USA involving nuclear brinksmanship.

Military Blockade

Cuban Missile Crisis in white house.jpg

After learning that the Soviet Union had begun shipping missiles to Cuba, Kennedy announced a strategic blockade of Cuba and warned the Soviet Union that the U.S. would seize any more deliveries.

John F. Kennedy did not get much credit for resolving his from his hawkish Pentagon advisors, who considered that he has missed an opportunity for a preemptive all out attack on the USSR.

On the day when JFK resolved the Crisis, he told his brother, RFK, "this is the night I should go to the theatre", referring to the Lincoln assassination. His brother replied "if you go, I want to go with you".[1]

He began to understand just how insecure was his position as president.[2]