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Cyber Polygon is a series of exercises arranged by the World Economic Forum to simulate a collapse of the internet because of comprehensive cyberattacks. There were so far two editions of them in 2020 and 2021. The 2022 edition is planned for July 8, 2022.


problem: "comprehensive Cyberattacks bringing power supply, transportation, hospital services - our society as a whole, to a halt" Klaus Schwab.

reaction: collapse the existing financial system.

solution: the fusion of corporate banks, the financial authorities that oversee them, tech companies, and the national-security state.

'The report’s authors argue that the main vulnerability of the global financial system at present is “the current fragmentation among stakeholders and initiatives” and that mitigating this threat to the global system lies in reducing that “fragmentation.” The authors argue that the way to resolve the issue requires the massive reorganization of all “stakeholders” via increased global coordination. The report notes that the “disconnect between the finance, the national security and the diplomatic communities is particularly pronounced” and calls for much closer interaction between the three.' -Whitney Webb [1]

As Whitney Webb writes "many central banks have recently proposed digital currency systems that can only achieve rapid mass adoption if the existing system collapses." Worth noting is that biometric IDs and so-called vaccine passports are to be required for users of this "newer normal" financial system. As all things World Economic Forum, the (likely manufactured) cyberattack(s) is just another crisis, that will reshape current growth economy into a circular economy (neofeudalism).

Russia-Ukraine war

As the Russia-Ukraine war 2022 continued, Russian websites' access for Western citizens got blocked. Russian has blocked the access to Silicon Valley giants' websites in Russia. [2] Russia has started preparation to separate its internet from the global internet. It will form a Russian internet on Russian servers. Russia will have separate internet from the global one, arguably like China has for years (so called Great Wall of China). Some youtubers were alleging that by now Russia has already finished the transfer. [3] It appears that this will open up a route for World Economic Forum to allow/facilitate/manufacture a cyberattack on the global internet that will spare Russia and arguably China. WEF Young Global Leader Vladimir Putin will be able to recover his losses inflicted by Western financial war additionally it can then be given as a reason to blame Russia for the event.[4]

In July 2020, Schwab 'predicted' "comprehensive Cyberattacks bringing power supply, transportation, hospital services - our society as a whole, to a halt" in the near future. (Bitchute link[5])


Related Quotation

Central Bank of Russia“set limits on what types of purchases can be made”: The Russian central bank authority said that parents could give the digital currency to their children with certain restrictions, such as blocking them from buying junk food....That would be a useful functionality for a customer, and of course you can come up with hundreds of other similar use cases”Alexey Zabotkin2022


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