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Employment.png Cyprus/Ambassador/US

Cypriot ambassador to the United States.

Cyprus has had an ambassador in Washington since October 31, 1960, when the embassy opened.

Relations between the United States and Cyprus can be described as being excellent due to many factors.[1] Cyprus is seen as a forward base for the United States. In numerous occasions military bases, ports and airports such as the Port of Limassol and the Larnaca International Airport respectively, have been used for support purposes by the US.[2] Cyprus has also given exclusive rights to a US oil extracting multinationals such as ExxonMobil to extract natural gas from its Exclusive Economic Zone.[3][4] U.S. imports from Cyprus agricultural products and minerals while business ties encompass several services.[5]

The US also works closely with Cyprus in order to advance shared priorities both bilaterally and in the context of strategic partnership with the European Union, which Cyprus is a member state.[6] The Bilateral partnership focuses in areas of common interest, such as peace, security, trade and investment, diversifying European energy sources, and protecting cultural heritage across the island.[7][8][9] The Cabinet of Israel approach of Cyprus over the recent years, and especially after the Gaza flotilla raid, has boosted Cyprus–Israel relations even further. The United States supports this approach with an Energy Triangle between Cyprus, Israel and Greece.[10][11]

In 2018, the United States and the Republic of Cyprus signed a Statement of Intent to also strengthen and develop their security relationship. The agreement encompasses efforts to combat terrorism, enhance maritime security and further promote regional stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.[12][13]. Cyprus maintains an embassy at Washington, D.C. and a consulate general in New York City. The United States Department of State retains detail information about Cyprus and US relations and operations.[14][15]

Wilbur Ross, the acting United States Secretary of Commerce, was a major shareholder and vice chairman of the board of Bank of Cyprus, after he invested €400 million in the bank in 2014.[16][17]

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