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(soldier, terror expert, spook?, deep state operative, businessman, journalist)
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NationalityUS, UK
Member ofInstitute for Statecraft, Integrity Initiative
Interests • “terrorism”
• sarin
• ricin
• chemical weapons

Dan Kaszeta is a US/UK dual national "terror expert" and journalist who has written for the Institute for Statecraft's Integrity Initiative and StopFake.[1] In 2019 Kaszeta was owner and managing director of Strongpoint Security Ltd.


Kaszeta reports on his Bellingcat profile that "I started out as a Chemical Officer in the United States Army, and served a total of 16 years as a military reservist, first in the US Army Reserve and then in the Maryland Army National Guard, reaching the rank of Captain".

In 2012, Wiley published his CBRN and Hazmat Incidents at Major Public Events: Planning and Response.

Kit Klarenberg writing in Sputnik News wrote that "Prior to 2013, he was entirely unheard of in the mainstream" but that his "rise to media prominence is also somewhat curious.".[2]

From October 2015 to January 2019 he wrote 12 pieces for Bellingcat, including several on sarin.

After the Integrity Initiative Leak he robustly defended his work for them, stating
I will continue to work for InitIntegrity.jpg

Institute for Statecraft

Full article: Rated 4/5 Institute for Statecraft

The 2018/9 Institute for Statecraft leak included various invoices for Dan Kaszeta's writing for the Integrity Initiative at a rate of 40p/word.

Demolishing the Kremlin’s absurd theories about Novichok and Porton Down

On 20 July 2018 Dan Kaszeta wrote an article supportive of the official narrative which concluded that "The simple fact is that a nation like the UK needs a place like Porton Down to do valuable work to protect not just the nation’s armed forces but also to protect all of us who live here. Alleging leaks and plots does not do any good for anyone. In the absence of any evidence, these stories and theories are absurd."[4] His invoice suggests he was paid £622 for the article.

Dan Kaszeta Institute for Statecraft invoice poison gas.jpg
Dan Kaszeta Institute for Statecraft invoice nerve agents.jpg
Dan Kaszeta Institute for Statecraft invoice porton down.jpg


Quotes by Dan Kaszeta

Institute for Statecraft“Not just a “think tank” offering yet another discussion forum but also a “do tank”.”Integrity Initiative/Leak
Integrity Initiative/Purposes“We set up The Institute, firstly, to study and understand how the world really is and how it works, as opposed to how people think it works. Secondly, having identified the resulting problems, we work to help fix them. Let me explain;

o The speed of change across the world is overtaking the capacity of the institutions to adapt and stay fit for purpose. Our major institutions in European countries are becoming obsolete. This includes our armed forces.

o Governments are becoming more and more impotent and our populations are losing faith in democracy. There is a gap developing between the needs of the people and what governments can provide. The world is going through a crisis of governance

o Other countries are recognising this and are increasingly exploiting our vulnerabilities

o Instability is increasing everywhere. We need new thinking and new tools to tackle this instability, and we need to reform our institutions to reduce their vulnerabilities

o So, in addition to studying the problem, we work with institutions on long term engagements, to help them to reform or to find a working solution to a specific problem. (Examples: army, prisons, Muslim communities)”
June 2018Integrity Initiative/Leak

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