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(policeman, deep state operative)
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BornAugust 4, 1920
DiedAugust 10, 1970 (Age 50)
Cause of death
Victim ofmurder
US policeman turned spook who taught torture techniques to police in South America.

Daniel Anthony "Dan" Mitrione was a US policeman turned spook who taught torture techniques to police in South America.


Daniel Mitrione joined the FBI in 1959.[1]

In 1960, he was assigned to the US State Department's International Cooperation Administration, going to South American countries to teach "advanced counterinsurgency techniques." A. J. Langguth, a former New York Times bureau chief in Saigon, claimed that Mitrione was among the US advisers teaching Brazilian police how much electric shock to apply to prisoners without killing them.[2] Langguth also claimed that older police officers were replaced "when the CIA and the U.S. police advisers had turned to harsher measures and sterner men"[3] and that under Mitrione as the new head of the US Public Safety program in Uruguay, the United States "introduced a system of nationwide identification cards, like those in Brazil… [and] torture had become routine at the Montevideo [police] jefatura."[4]

In 1967 Mitrione returned to the United States to share his experiences and expertise on "counterguerilla warfare" at USAID.[1]

In 1978 Manuel Hevia Cosculluela, a CIA agent who had worked with Mitrione in Montevideo, published Eight Years with the CIA, a book about his experiences. According to Cosculluela, Mitrione had tortured four beggars to death with electric shocks at a 1970 seminar to demonstrate his techniques for Uruguayan police trainees. Cosculluela reported that Mitrione worked under William Cantrell, another CIA agent.[5]

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