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Site owners' Poetry, translations of French poetry, articles on matters of geo-political import and the burgeoning depravity of Western society and culture

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"Poems, articles, translations"
Started: 12 January 2010
Founder: 'Lasha Darkmoon'

Owner: John Scott Montecristo  (Lasha Darkmoon's cousin)
In its own words:
"Because of her radical political ideas in regard to 9-11 and the role played by organized Jewry in international affairs—ideas that would alienate her friends and family and make them ostracize her—she is forced to conceal her true identity at the present time under a pen name."


Documents sourced from Darkmoon

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:I am IsraelProse PoemIsrael
6 November 2018AnonymousA prose poem detailing the history of the displacement and dispossession of native Palestinians from their ancestral land, the destruction of their homes and the decimation of their livelihoods between 1947 and the present, by Zionist Israel and its enablers
Document:Pornography as a secret weaponarticleJudaic power
8 May 2014'Lasha Darkmoon'A forensic analysis of the domination of the US porn industry by Judaics with evidence of their reasoning and justification
Document:Sex Plague - The Normalisation of Deviance and DepravityarticleThe Frankfurt School
31 January 2014'Lasha Darkmoon'A thorough analysis of how sexual deviance and depravity is becoming normalised in the USA and much of the Western World. The article identifies the political, cultural and religious forces behind this revolution, together with the reasons for it.

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