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In 1986
DiedDecember 27, 1986 (Age 52)
Los Angeles, USA
Cause of death
Victim ofpremature death
A US Lawyer found dead in suspicious circumstances after he had been working on the "Iran-Contra" case.

Darrell MacIntyre was a US Lawyer found dead in suspicious circumstances after he had been working on the "Iran-Contra" case.


Darrell MacIntyre's law license was suspended in 1969 for two years as a result of tax non-payment.[1]

He was a senior attorney on the LA staff of Robert Bonner's narcotics division.[2] It was shortly after MacIntyre abruptly gave up an investigation of drug-running Contras with CIA ties that he was found dead in the front seat of his car, apparently the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.[3]


Darrell MacIntyre's was discovered in his car on a Saturday night in December 1986. Robert Bonner, for whom he was working, said he knew of no connection between MacIntyre's death and the criminal cases (relating to Iran-Contra) on which he had been working.[4] The FBI had no comment to make.[2] MacIntyre's friends and family howver were shocked at the reports of suicide, and - in the words of Gary Webb - "smelled fish".[3]

Appointment of note

On February 28, 1989, Robert Bonner was nominated by US President George H. W. Bush to be a federal judge for California's Central District and on May 11, 1990, Bush nominated him to be Administrator of the DEA.

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