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Group.png Davidson College  
Davidson College seal.png
HeadquartersDavidson, North Carolina, USA
Type• private
• liberal arts
North Carolina college with 23 Rhodes Scholars.

Davidson College is a private liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina. It was established in 1837 by the Concord Presbytery[1] and named after Revolutionary War general William Lee Davidson, who was killed at the nearby Battle of Cowan’s Ford.[2]

The college offers 37 majors and 39 minors in liberal arts disciplines as well as other interdisciplinary academic programs. Academic life at Davidson is governed by an honor code that allows students to take self-scheduled, unproctored final exams.[3] [4] Davidson has graduated 23 Rhodes Scholars,[5] and is one of the top producing Bachelor's institutions of Fulbright Scholars.[6]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Graham Allison23 March 1940USAcademic
Deep state operative
Attended the Bilderberg in 2007 after a 33 year break. First attended, as a speaker, in 1970, aged 30. Multiple deep state connections.
Kurt Biedenkopf28 January 193012 August 2021GermanPoliticianWest German politician "parachuted" into the former East Germany to lead the state of Saxony.
Vince Foster15 January 194520 July 1993Lawyer
Clinton body count
A deputy White House Counsel and Clinton confidante who died unexpectedly.
Wyche Fowler6 October 1940USDiplomat
William Haynes II30 March 1958Lawyer
War criminal
A counsel of the US Defense Department
Larry McDonald1 April 19351 September 1983DoctorA US congressman who placed legislative pressure on the CFR. Died in Korean Air Lines Flight 007.
George Osborne23 May 1971UKDeep politicianSuspected UK deep politician, heavy Bilderberg habit,
Robert Reid1 May 1934UKBusinesspersonChairman of Shell UK
Dean Rusk9 February 190920 December 1994USPoliticianVery long serving US Secretary of State, 5 visits to the Bilderberg
Mark SandyUSCivil servantCareer official with the U.S. federal government. His education was funded by a number of national security scholarships.
Tony Snow1 June 195512 July 2008USPropagandistWhite House Press Secretary under George W. Bush
Woodrow Wilson28 December 18563 February 1924Politician
Deep state functionary
A tool of the US deep state.
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