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Concept.png Psychosis 
(mental health condition)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png

Psychosis is a mental health condition in which the subject has trouble to discern reality.


Psychosis is correlated with screen time.[1] MK-Ultra caused some victims to become psychotic.


After Eugene Dinkin predicted the assassination of JFK based on two messages he had decoded, he tried to inform higher ups. However, the Army psychiatrist declared him to be psychotic and paranoid.[2]


Related Quotation

Mental health“The logic of the conspiracy meme is to question everything the ‘establishment’ — be it government or scientists — says or does... Conspiracy theories can be useful for scientists who are so far out of the mainstream in their field that they seek to appeal to alternative funding sources or publication outlets. They also might occasionally surface when a scientist's mental health deteriorates to the point that he or she loses touch with reality.”Ted Goertzel2010