Denis Kirejew

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Born1 January 1977
Died5 March 2022 (Age 45)
Cause of death
Victim ofSBU
Ukrainian negotiator in early peace talks, shot for allegedly having shown pro-Russian tendencies.
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Denis Kirejew was one of the Ukrainian negotiators in the first round of "peace talks" between Ukraine and Russia amidst the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[1]


In 2010 - 2014, he was First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Oschadbank, and prior to that he was a member of the supervisory board of Ukreximbank. He also worked for Citibank, Credit Lyonnais, ING Group, and Rabobank.[2][3]


He was shot by Ukrainian intelligence;[4] according to some initial reports, based on a Russia friendly stance during the negotiations,[5] or having handed information to the Russian side.[6][7][8] Voltairenet notes:[9]

"He was gunned down on the street in downtown Kiev by the SBU (Ukrainian secret service), who suspected him of being a “Russian saboteur”. [...] Neo-Nazis consider “Russian saboteurs” anyone who evokes the family and cultural bonds shared by Ukrainians and Russians. For them, Ukrainians are “racially” different from Russians."