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Group.png Die Linke  
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AbbreviationDie Linke
Formation16 June 2007
Left wing populist party in Germany.

Die Linke or The Left is a political party in Germany. Like the AFD, Die Linke is monitored by German security services.[1] In the 2021 German parliamentary election, the party fell from fifth largest party to sixth place.


Die Linke is the successor to the PDS (which was itself the legal successor to the Socialist Unity Party of Germany - SED). The PDS consistently rejected Bundeswehr missions abroad, most notably during the war against Yugoslavia. In foreign policy, the party took the position that "greater security can only be achieved through global justice.[2]


2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

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In a historical vote in late April 2022 about "Comprehensive support for Ukraine", which mainly comes down to sending heavy weapons, machinery and ammunition to Ukraine in order to support the government of Zelensky, the members of the Bundestag overwhelmingly voted in favor for it. The bulk of the "no" votes came from the AFD and Die Linke.[3]