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Dining clubs were important as deep state milieux around a century ago.

The Bullingdon Club in the late 19th century



Page nameDescription
Bullingdon ClubAn Oxford university dining club with a habit for inebriation and subsequent property destruction. A UK equivalent of the US Skull and Bones fraternity, which has had a large number of establishment insiders as members over the years.
Coefficients (dining club)A private gathering of British imperialists and socialist reformers on how to defend and expand the "liberal" British Empire
Corsair ClubFounded by the head of the US deep state over a century ago, the Corsair Club was a private dining clubs. It gathered 12 members gathered for off the record conversations, presumably about deep political intrigues. It is not known to have survived J. P. Morgan's death in 1913
Hellfire ClubExclusive English club(s) that met during the mid 18th century. Depending on the source these existed to drink, mock traditional religion and have orgies - or went further and held satanic rites and sacrifices.
Le SiècleA long established "bipartisan" network in the French establishment.
The Other ClubWinston Churchill & Oswald Moseley's secret group
The Pilgrims SocietyA very low profile group that has been in operation for over a century and has Elizabeth Regina as its patron. Members include ministers, diplomats, CEOs and others. Who knows what this "dining society" discusses over dinner?...


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