"Discredited and disproven"

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Concept.png "Discredited and disproven" 
(Medical terminology,  “Conspiracy theory”,  Enemy image,  Propaganda,  Official narrative)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
ON affirming phrase.

"Discredited and disproven" is a redundant and self contradictory phrase that is being increasingly used in online discourse during the COVID-event. It used on Wikipedia, particularly in reference to conspiracies. It is also used by corporate media and fact checkers.

Selected Examples



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"Conspiracy theory"An enemy image used to equate scepticism of government with craziness. It was developed by the CIA to try to contain doubt about the FBI's "Oswald did it, case closed" approach to the JFK assassination. It is now being associated with dangerous and violent insanity, in an effort to promote internet censorship of free speech.
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