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This is Busby's own introduction to a comprehensive resume of his life and career to date. It clearly outlines the corrupt nature of the modern scientific research and peer review in areas of science that affect powerful government, military and industrial interests.

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Subjects: Chris Busby, Corruption of science, Nuclear industry
Source: Chris Busby Exposed (Link)
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An introduction to Chris Busby's 'preferred Wikipedia article' - available on Wikispooks here

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An Introduction to the 'Busby Wiki'

What is Truth?

This is Pilate’s rhetorical question. Increasingly in the area of Science, the answer no longer depends on data, or experimental results, despite the fact that Science’s advantage is exactly that: being based on empirical data, on observation. But no more. Scientific truth is increasingly an area like religion, increasingly influenced by media and by the internet and whoever controls the money. This is why Chris Busby set up Green Audit in 1992, to deconstruct the lies [1].

Problems with Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a machine that is built from its inputs. But these can be from anyone who is moved to contribute to an entry or who is paid to do so. It is worse. Individuals can contribute anonymously [2]. In an area like the public health risk of exposure to ionising radiation, there are enormously powerful interests involved. Accordingly, they can afford to pay people to attempt to destroy the credibility of anyone (e.g. me) who is revealing evidence that the current radiation risk model is dangerously unsafe, and has resulted in the deaths of millions. The internet has become a powerful tool for revealing the truth. And because of this, those whose interests are to cover up the truth absolutely have to invest in whole divisions of operators whose paid job it is to destroy the credibility and support of anyone they deem dangerous for their schemes. In my case there are two outfits involved: the military and the nuclear industry. Also involved are the agencies responsible for protecting the public and workers from exposure to ionising radiation, since proof that the system they have administered is unsafe will result in legal and psychological problems for them.

Attacks On My Credibility

The purpose of the “chrisbusbyexposed” web site [3] is to try and deal with the attacks on my credibility which have to some extent succeeded in their project. Over the last few years I have been kicked out of Universities, kicked off court cases, denied by the pusillanimous vote-seeking England and Wales Green Party, lost my pathetic funding sources, and had peer- review journals refuse to even consider scientific papers I have sent them. They (the journals, the University) have been written to, they have been threatened by (in one response I had from an editor) powerful people. My colleague at one University (the Karolinska Institute Stockholm) lost all his funding and even his laboratory once he began to work with me on radiation and health. My computer has been hacked into, as have computers belonging to my co-researchers, and in one case a paper I was preparing to send to a journal (on Fallujah) was discussed with the journal editor by one of the attackers even before it had been sent to the journal. No one dares to carry out the critical experiments to investigate my theoretical predictions regarding Uranium. I have approached several Universities and researchers. My own connection with the University of Ulster was to have involved these experiments; the University refused to allow them to be carried out. “Uranium is too dangerous” was the explanation. What??

First, you should note that these attacks rarely ever deal with the evidence I bring forward. What they do is attack me as a person, laugh at me,distort what I have said, make up untruths, produce and publish entertaining but dismissive photomontages of me and my colleagues and friends, as Easy Rider [4]. Haha. My current Wikipedia entry is a battlegound. Those that support me make entries, those that attack me make others; it goes back and forth. Mostly the bad guys (who are paid) win. But what is missing is information. So what I decided to do was to provide a real Wikipedia entry. I decided to condense what I have done in the last 20 years and put down an abridged account of my life, just as if it were a Wikipedia entry. I will add relevant references as I go. The idea is to help those who want to sort out my Wikipedia entry to do so. I have never had the time to fight with all the anonymous contributors paid by the military and the nuclear industry. It would be a full time occupation and I would rather carry on with my research. The baseline is that you can ignore Wikipedia and come Chris Busby here to see most of what I am and what I have done.

Dearth of Peer Reviewed Literature

Much is made on the internet about the fact that I don’t publish much in the peer review literature. Some have said I have no publications in the peer review literature. You can check my publications in my CV. But there is some truth in the allegation. The reasons are as follows:

  1. To get a paper published it has to be approved by reviewers. If it draws attention to something politically embarrassing, like the fact that the radiation risk model is wrong, it does not get past the reviewers. Therefore it does not become part of scientific belief. This results in an entirely incorrect scientific belief being crystallized for a very long time.
  2. Most of the journals dealing with radiation effects are run by individuals with research of funding connections with the organisations which do not want to hear bad news about the health effects of radiation.
  3. No one reads the peer-review literature except a few researchers. If you want to take your results somewhere where they will have an impact, you have to take them to the media, to the public, to the people who are, in the last analysis, affected.

Therefore, rather than trying to fight to get papers published, I have gone round the system. Similarly, rather than trying to get my books published by conventional publishers (e.g. Cambridge University Press) I obtained funding from Quaker Charities to publish them myself through Green Audit. This is not “vanity publishing”; it is the only course open to get the critical information about the destruction of the human genome out. None of my books would be considered by a real publisher as they would all be scared stiff of being sued into the ground because of the accusations I have made and the individuals and organisations I have named. However, no-one has sued me, for the very good reason that they would lose, because my accusations can be proven. For the same reason I helped to start the European Committee on Radiation Risk (see below). For all authorities are bootstrap authorities. They invent themselves and then refer to themselves. The International Commission on Radiological Protection is a bootstrap operation. Its personnel rarely have any research publications. Same with IAEA, with UNSCEAR. So instead of trying to argue with them, we go round them. Eventually it becomes clear that the data support our (ECRR) model and do not support theirs. Data here being dead people, dead children.

Who is 'out to get me' - a Story

If you want to know who it is that is out to get me (besides George Monbiot, Matthias Lanze, Richard Wakeford and Roger Helbig) or at least one individual who is running the show, then here is a story. Back in 2011 after I visited Fukushima and started to talk about measuring radioactivity in the children, with James Ryan (the pill guy, all the fuss, see below), I was contacted by a woman from the USA who I will call Ellen May (you will see why I don’t give her name soon enough). She told me that she had worked for the nuclear industry in the USA at a high level and wanted to help me and the children of Fukushima. She said that she was supported in this by a radiation department in a US University and that they could measure levels of radionuclides in the urine of the children I was dealing with. They would do this for free. Actually there were no children then, but she didn’t know this and I didn’t tell her. They wanted urgently the names and addresses of all the children who had given me samples and she asked me to provide the samples. I strung her along to see where this would go. There were lots of emails and messages from her but as time went on, as I was not forthcoming, they petered out. Then one day she phoned me. She said she was in danger and so was I. She told me that one Barclay Jones had a department aimed at destroying my credibility. Barclay Jones was a Professor at the University of Illinois, she said. I had never heard of him. But Illinois is also the centre of operations of another outfit I had been attacked by: “radsafe”. Many of those attacking me on the internet (e.g. Roger Helbig) were members of “radsafe” and for a while I have engaged with them by joining “radsafe” but eventually they became pissed off with the fact that I always won the arguments and they threw me out.

I heard no more from Ellen May until I was told by a friend in the USA that shortly after her call to me, Ellen May had been attacked and seriously injured, or maybe almost murdered: anyway in hospital and unlikely to recover.

Oh, around this time I received a number of emails, always from people with hotmail or yahoo type anonymous accounts telling me about some scary high level of radiation from Fukushima and inviting my comment. One was about an enormous radiation measurement on a Geiger counter in Korea, complete with video. Another showed pictures of a woman with blistered skin in Illinois who had gone out the rain. The Geiger counter there was supposed to be showing high readings. The photos were clearly of a poison ivy rash. The idea of course was to get me to come out and claim that there were high radiation levels far from Fukushima and then I could be subsequently laughed at.

More recently, I was contacted by a Dutch guy, Frank who told me that I was the most attacked person on the internet, and so must be shaking the right trees. He said he would like to help. He did help and put up a whole article about this [5]. In the article he named Barclay Jones. Whether it was a coincidence of not, the main website attacking me, “junksciencewatch; chrisbusbyexposed”, instantly disappeared. Prof Jones must have decided it was getting too hot for him and his operation. He had been identified. So there you are. And here below is my own version of the Wikipedia entry. If you have the time, please add bits of it to the real Wikipedia. That would make a very big difference to the world.

Reasons for concentrating on video presentations

Finally I will say one thing. The reason why I have moved in the last few years to video presentations rather than (or as well as) writing wordy reports is the following. Human beings are rather good at spotting fakes. In my videos you can see me and my friends and decide. Note that you never see those who say that radiation is OK, or if you do, you can easily see that they are very strange people. Check out the presentation at Oxford by Wade Allison. Look at those guys at the European Parliament sitting on the platform with me, especially the enormous fat guy who storms out half way through. What do you think of Prof Ian Fells in the BBC interview about Fukushima? This is also the reason why George Monbiot will not debate this issue with me on a public platform.

What happened to Busby???

Also I don’t want to sound too alarmist, but if I should disappear or die under odd circumstances, don’t be too surprised. I have won enough court cases against the military and the nukes for them to know that the science is now clear, and I am the wielder of enough of that science for them to have to remove me from the scene. I know too much. So far this has been a bloodless campaign, but I have never had any illusions about where this could end. The stakes for them are very high. The stakes for the human race are also very high.


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