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Chris Donnelly short CV

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As a graduate of Manchester University and reserve officer in the British Army Intelligence Corps, Chris Donnelly helped to establish, and later headed, the British Army’s Soviet Studies Research Centre at RMA Sandhurst. From here he supported the setting up of the US Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office at Ft. Leavenworth. In the early 1980s he served as the UK MOD representative on the expert group studying Soviet weapons design for the DoD Office of Net Assessment and held an Adjunct Professorship at Carnegie Mellon University.

Between 1989-2003, as Special Adviser to four NATO Secretaries General, he was closely involved in dealing with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the reform of the newly emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe. He left NATO in 2003 to set up and run the UK Defence Academy’s Advanced Research and Assessment Group. In 2010 he became co-Director of The Institute for Statecraft (2 Temple Place, London WC2R 3BD, dealing with new security threats and responses – specifically, new forms of conflict and warfare and how to transform institutions so that they are fit for today’s rapidly changing security environment.

Chris Donnelly has written three books as well as many articles on questions of defence, security, strategy and statecraft. He has held appointments as Specialist Adviser to three UK Defence Secretaries (both Labour and Conservative) and was a member of PM Thatcher’s Soviet advisory team. He has also served as Specialist Adviser on the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee and on the Defence Committee. He also: is adviser to the Foreign Minister of Lithuania; is a Security and Justice Senior Mentor in the UK’s Stabilisation Unit; is Trustee of the London-based charities Active Change Foundation and Forward Thinking; serves as Honorary Colonel, Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI); and, sits on the official team responsible for scrutinizing the current reform of the UK’s Reserve Forces for the Defence Secretary.