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Disclaimer (#3)Document.png statement  by 'The Latvian AntiGlobalists' dated 2011-09-07
Subjects: Latvia
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Declaration of the Latvian Antiglobalists

Riga, 7th September 2011

To all peoples of the world, NATO nations and NATO occupied countries

  1. Following the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 event and the evidence that this was pre-arranged as an excuse for further illegal global invasions in the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria etc.) to succeed earlier invasions in the Balkans and Afghanistan.
  2. Whereas the government of Latvia and the Parliament members have not been elected constitutionally because the Constitution of Latvia (Satversme) requires that all citizens have the right to become Parliamentarians. It therefore follows that for the last 20 years the country has been governed illegally by a minority chosen out of the 1% who are Party members. The word “Party” does not occur in the Latvian Constitution.
  3. In view of the worsening military and political situation in the Middle East, and because these developments may lead to a 3rd world war.
  4. Because the government and the Parliament do not take into consideration the will of the Latvian people and since also for years these authorities have been exceeding their mandate in sending Latvian soldiers to wars without the express sanction of the Latvian people

For the reasons set out above and for others, we, the Latvian Antiglobalists:

  1. have published the names and Party affiliations of those parliamentarians who have voted to send the Latvian troops in support of NATO colonization operations,[1]
  2. Invite the people to write to those on this list, who are responsible for the deployment of Latvian troops in these NATO colonization operations, and state that they will hold them personally legally responsible in the future for any deaths or injuries sustained by the troops or combatant or non-combatant individuals in the areas of conflict in which they are operating and for all economic or political consequences,
  3. affirm that any Latvian soldier involved in any NATO-led or sanctioned action does so without the authority of the Latvian People.

Video of the Latvian Antiglobalists action at the US embassy Spring 2011: