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Euan Grant telling how he plans to offer completed packages of material to professional bodies, print and online press

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Euan Grant Contributions

Euan Grant Contributions


Articles on the website intended for quick transformation to inputs for professional bodies, print and online press and for inclusion radio and tv and encourage broadcasting interview invitations. These to be condensed to PowerPoints and associated aide memoires for delivery remotely or ideally face to face to law enforcers, military bodies and professional groups esp. in the financial sector. And to potentially agnostic or hostile academic groups and humanitarian and tax reform groups (the latter re Russian role in dirty money / tax avoidance and how responsibility for these, and their solutions, involves cooperation in continental Europe and must be done holistically. There will be an emphasis on the need to recognise the legacy of the semi militarised nature of the Russian speaking countries and their international links. How Russian linked transnational organised crime can be better detected, understood and highlighted to western and EU media, demonstrating its negative impacts and posing questions about political patronage.

Delivery of workshops to all these bodies, or the offer of completed packages which can be delivered within very short periods of times, even down to a few days. British Bankers Association, Association of British insurers, professional body for accountancy and auditors, Global witness, transparency International, Tax Justice Network, Oxfam, Christian Aid, equivalents in EU MS through clusters, Europol, NATO via UK MOD and Armed Forces directly, (probably not Interpol), CEPOL and to the Law Society and separately to a combined grouping of NCA, City of London Police, HMRC, SFO, Police Scotland and UK Border Force and UK V& I.

Half yearly looking ahead report on implications of current trends AND upcoming events or potential scenarios.


Faster, more focused and more deductive and proactively interpretative understanding of the role of Russian speaking linked criminality in cyber, information and demoralisation campaigns. Better informed and more complete responses by policy makers, more thoroughly briefed media and by hitherto somewhat siloed law enforcement nationally, in the anglosphere, EU MS and applicants, and the EU/ EC and NATO collectively. Creation of an Information fusion cell with strong links to academia, including agnostic or hostile groups ( Manchester university reframing Russia project, University of Kent European Faculty)


Reaching out in an integrated and holistic way to highlight Russian methods and capabilities in information warfare to official and civil society groups traditionally not familiar with such. Supporting mainstream media in faster and better-informed responses, including creating awareness of how to think like the protagonists. Above all, improve the quality and quantity and timeliness of reactions and anticipations of Russian linked actions, including use of proxies within the EU. High levels of predictive material.


The obvious ones are lack of cooperation or appreciation ( e.g. no cascading, cross agency or multinational discussions and implementation). These risks can be significantly mitigated by delivery, bilaterally and multilaterally, of similar or identical material to multiple agencies and states’ institutions. In order to generate a sense of competitiveness. By synergising content, outputs will be increased in relation to time spent. The publication through multiple channels will mean the material is available for publicization by the F&CO and other Ministries and agencies, `even if professional bodies or, perhaps only slightly less likely, law enforcement does not cooperate. Close involvement of the clusters in other countries, esp. South and East and Germany – a weak link – and Netherlands – a potential key force multiplier – would possibly increase the likelihood of UK agency cooperation, in order to avoid fear of being singled out as uncooperative or unimaginative.


While the emphasis is on impacts on UK and Anglosphere entities, the intention is certainly to provide examples for other clusters, and to receive ideas from them. It is certainly a two-way street. Note that the intention of much of the material is to be predictive, and specific predictions will be made, including scenario hypotheses.

Euan Grant

0794 989 4643 (WhatsApp & Viber)

Skype: euan.g.grant

8th May 2018