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A Twitter roundup from II. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, including a certain type of journalist, and "other users in our field".

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png Twitter roundup  by Chris Hernon dated 16 March 18
Subjects: James Patrick, Paula Chertok, Thomas Grove, Martin Lewis, Jason Beattie, Paul Canning, Gordon Guthrie, George Monbiot, Andrew Scott, David Jack, Robert van der Noordaa, Julia Davis, Jamie Dettmer, Anton Shekhovtsov, Krisztian Simon
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/3
Source: 'Anonymous' (Link)

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FCO Skripal material 16.03.18

 @GicAriana FollowFollow @GicAriana
 Let's not forget that #Russia also poisoned former #Ukraine President #Yushchenko in 2004. Like all of its tactics, #Moscow relies on its tried and true weapons. Russia may change its poisons, but its attempted and successful assassinations always bear the #Kremlin signature.

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 Mig Greengard @chessninja 15h15 hours ago Mig Greengard Retweeted ArianaGic/Аріянॳць And @vkaramurza, who will be speaking at PutinCon tomorrow, has survived two poisonings for his opposition to Putin.
 @Biz_Ukraine_Mag NATO belatedly connects the many dots and publicly accuses Russia of waging hybrid war against the democratic world

 @GMLspokesman 2h2 hours ago ―What would the West do if it were to get serious about #Russian aggression? #Putin and his cronies have billions of dollars stashed in the West. Freeze the money. Seize the properties. Hurt them where it counts.‖ #RussiaSanctionsNow

 @menqvist70 The Kremlin’s loyal friends in Europe … via @GreenEUJournal By 
 @A_SHEKH0VTS0V and Krisztian Simon.
 @edfranks He's right. At the very least the West, if not the UK, should boycott Russian propaganda circuses like the 2018 FIFA World Cup. "Peter Dickinson: From Crimea to Salisbury: Time to Acknowledge Putin’s Global Hybrid War" Atlantic Council

 @jamiewrit 2h2 hours ago RT ope-ed on #skripal says blaming Russia is similar to medieval claims of "Jews poisoning wells" -- a tad ironic, even ill-timed as Putin has suggested Jews might have been behind the meddling in the 2016 US election

 @TetySt Ukraine first experienced an attack on the power grid in December 2015, The US had plenty of time to take necessary steps to secure theirs. Julia Davis @JuliaDavisNews The Latest: US accuses #Russia of penetrating US energy grid

 @Kateryna_Kruk Sorry for my sarcasm, but the pattern was obvious already a long time ago. @Reuters After nerve agent attack, NATO sees pattern of Russian interference

 @JuliaDavisNews The Kremlin doesn’t care when we sanction agencies or trolls. Hit them where it hurts. Implement ―the Kremlin List‖ sanctions. Go after the oligarchs. What are we waiting for? Julia Davis @JuliaDavisNews #Russia's MFA spokeswoman referred to the UK's expulsion of Russian diplomats as "trash," described @foreignoffice as "liars" & mocked the idea that the royals aren't coming to #WorldCup2018.…
 @DJack_Journo It's always Britain's fault for the hard left ... @steve_hawkes Top billing in Diane Abbott’s guest edited Labour List this fine morning ... ―The British Government’s response to Sergei Skripal proves we’ve learnt nothing from the Iraq War‖…
 R. van der Noordaa @g900ap Russian hackers seem to be targetting US Scott Dworkin @funder BREAKING NEWS: Russian hackers are conducting a broad assault on the US electric grid, water processing plants, air transportation facilities & other targets in rolling attacks on some of the country’s most sensitive infrastructure, US Gov't officials say

 Otto English @Otto_English 13h13 hours ago Audience member suggests that Chemical weapons attack on British soil is a "smokescreen" to stop #Brexit - I'm done #bbcqt

“Putin has the West exactly where he wants it” – Edward Lucas

 Clyde Davies @deadlyvices Mar 15 Motive, means, opportunity: the essential components of any murder case. I've explained the means *ad nauseam* by now. The motive - especially given the victims - and opportunity, triangulate very well to the Russians 16/
 BBC Radio 4 Today @BBCr4today Labour's Stephen Kinnock says we should approach Fifa to move the World Cup to 2019 and take it out of Russia #r4today

Russia’s Latest Message to Dissenters: You Are Next

 Tetyana S. @TetySt I think with this statement Russia has basically admitted their responsibility for all Russia-linked killings in the UK. Chuck Todd 
 @chucktodd This is simply unnerving Russian state TV warns 'traitors' not to settle in England

 GeorgeMonbiot @GeorgeMonbiot 17h17 hours ago A peaceful, constructive and useful form of retaliation against the Russian government? Shut down money laundering in the City of London.
 Integrity Initiative @InitIntegrity 18h18 hours ago Gordon Guthrie: Why Salmond should quit Kremlin TV for sake of his party

 Dan Kaszeta @DanKaszeta Chutzpah is claiming that you destroyed every bit of the Novichok nerve agent that you simultaneously claim you never invented but was stolen by Americans in Uzbekistan where it never was in the first place because it never existed. Seems clear.
 Dan Kaszeta @DanKaszeta And "Porton Down made the Novichok so that MI5/MI6 could poison one of their own employees but they can't identify it because they have no sample of it and you need to have a sample already in hand to do analytical chemistry" has similar philosophical issues.
 Paul Canning @pauloCanning And still they come beneath this yelling 'false flag', despite what Corbyn himself has said. Anna Turley MP @annaturley As a Labour MP I disagree with Theresa May – but not on Russia | Anna Turley

 Jason Beattie @JBeattieMirror Modern Russia should be the epitome of all that the left deplore. It is effectively a gangster state run by an unpleasant oligarchy of exploitative capitalists who have trampled on free speech and human rights.

The Kremlin’s Shifting, Self-Contradicting Narratives on MH17

 Martin Lewis @MartinSLewis Mar 15 Today's twitter poll: Should the England football now team boycott the World Cup in Russia after the events in Salisbury? Or should we just have officials boycotting (eg royals, ministers) Please select the answer that is CLOSEST to your view (and feel free to explain why)
 Thomas Grove @tggrove A day after Russian government said it destroyed all its Novichok agents, a Foreign Ministry deputy says neither Russia nor USSR had any programs to develop it to begin with. So that should clear things up.
 Paula Chertok@PaulaChertok ICYMI A feature of Putin’s Russia is breaking the rules. Russian spy’s poisoning in UK reveals GRU operate abroad like they do internally—aggressively, messy, w/o rules & under the benevolent protection of the Kremlin. This is what Trump is inviting to US. Former Russian Spy Scandal Suggests the Old Espionage Rules Are Breaking Down (Op-ed)
 J.J. Patrick @J_amesp We need to talk about Russian money.. Kremlin cash to MPs, a smoking gun, and an angry producer Via @Byline_Media