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Disclaimer (#3)Document.png article  by Nikos Raptis dated 2011-08-03
Subjects: 2011 Norway attacks
Source: ZNet (Link)

This is addressed mainly to the approximately 800 close relatives of the murdered and injured people in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik, in July of 2011.

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Nazis in Norway and Beyond

The Roots

Distomo is a Greek village in central Greece that one meets on his way to Delphi, the famous place of antiquity that a great part of the population of Earth have visited, as it is fashionable to do so, without anyone ever telling them that it was a place of corrupt and murderous priests. In 1944 the Nazi occupiers of Greece burned the village of Distomo to the ground and executed 228 villagers. The "reason" that the Nazis did this was that Greek Resistance fighters had killed Nazi soldiers. This is the famous "Distomo" that Angela Merkel is struggling tooth and nail to ignore.

The following paragraphs were excerpted from the ZNet Commentary "Terrorists Against Occupiers" of August 10, 2004:

"The place was a house in T. The time was AD.... The terrorists were A.V. and E.H. The occupiers were informed about the hiding place of the terrorists by a collaborator. The occupiers attacked the terrorists in the house. The terrorists fought back. Two of the attacking occupiers were killed by the terrorists. The occupiers killed A.V., but E.H. survived seriously wounded. Then the occupiers left T. The inhabitants of T. made 'a fatal misjudgment', they thought that the occupiers got 'those they wanted' and left. However, four days later the occupiers came back.

They arrested 66 men of T. and shoved them in a shed where they were subjected to the 'psychological torture' of imminent execution. A few hours later they were driven to the top of a mound so that they could witness the blowing up of their houses, one after the other, according to the decision of the occupiers. Then they drove the women, the children, and the old people in a concentration camp taking care as 'punishment' to separate the children from their mothers. Of the 66 men, 31 never saw their home place again. Most of them died in concentration camps. Some were executed. The women, the children, and the old people returned to their destroyed homes three years later.

  • The place was the fishing village of Telavag, in Norway. (Now, it is Falluja, in Iraq.)
  • The year was AD 1942. (Now, it is AD 2004)
  • The terrorists were the Resistance fighters Arne Vaerum and Emil Hvaal. (Now, it is any Iraqi Resistance fighter.)
  • The occupiers were the Nazis (Now, they are the American soldiers.)
  • The explosives used by the Nazis were dynamite (Now, the US military use helicopter ordnance.)
  • The concentration camps were: Grini, Sachsenhausen, etc. (Now, they are: Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, etc.)

Telavag was the Norwegian Distomo.

Further down that Commentary we read:

"The collaborator through history has been one of the most loathsome of humans. The spectrum of collaborators is quite wide extending from the "elite" Quisling down to the lowly policeman. The value of the collaborators to the occupier is inestimable. It is not an exaggeration to say that an occupation cannot exist without the help of the collaborators. This explains why the Iraqis gradually shifted their attacks mostly against the Iraqi collaborators instead of mostly against the American occupiers...

... The Nazi collaborators of Telavag in Norway have the blood of 31 of their fellow countrymen on their hands. I do not know if they paid for this blood." [End of the excerpt]

However, I know what happened to the collaborators in Greece, after the 1941-1944 Nazi occupation: Since 1945 the British and, especially, since 1947 the Americans, "transformed" them into part of the Greek economic and governing elite!

The world knows quite well, but hides the fact, that the US has protected the remnants of the Nazis all over the world after the Second World War and has "used" them as a political instrument since 1945. Although, this is documented with thousands of pages, it sounds like an exaggeration. Let us try to examine this:

"The Nazi defendants at Nuremberg were 22. Of these defendants...about one third were related by blood, marriage, or otherwise to Americans (or other Anglos). Was this a diabolical statistical anomaly? Does this have any significance that deserves some kind of scrutiny? A general comment could be that at this level of the Nazi or American elites nationality is of no great importance. The members of this elite grow up and live in a separate and rather homogeneous universe. However, that this "Americanism" (acquired through blood, etc) did not prevent the evolvement of these individuals to Nazis and finally to the fate at Nuremberg should not be overlooked.

This Nuremberg "surprise" prompts us to reverse the question: what was the influence of "Germanism" on "Americanism"? There are two principal sources of influence of the Germanic peoples on the population of America. The German immigrants in America and the inundation of America with Nazis, starting a few days after the death of Hitler...

... Let us start with the immigrants. The year of 1848 was a year of social revolution all over Europe. There were revolts in France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, England, Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany. The revolts were crushed by the various kings, Emperors, etc. In Germany after the revolt failed tens of thousands of the revolted Germans fled to America. These immigrants are known as the 'Forty-eighters'...These German freethinkers were a kind of "protosocialists" who had a dream to "enlist the United States as an agent of world revolution or as the center of a world republic" and they considered the American Revolution as "the best remaining hope for a redemption of mankind"... The contribution of the German-American immigrants to the advance of humanitarian radicalism not only in the US but all over the world should be honored (and should be researched diligently by historians). The German Haymarket martyrs, the radical Germans of Missouri, of Pennsylvania, of Wisconsin, of Texas, etc as protosocialists were a breed worthy of great respect... " [Excerpts from the ZNet Commentary, "The US and the Nazis" of February 11, 2006]

What about the other "source of Germanic influence" in the US; the Nazis?

"Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. The surrender of the Nazis was signed on May 8, 1945. Eleven days later, on May 19, 'a military transport plane with windows blackened to hide its notorious cargo...' brought in Washington, D.C. the first Nazis, Herbert Wagner and his two assistants 'and then kept [them] hidden from immigration authorities' ". ("Secret Agenda", Linda Hunt, St. Martin's Press, 1991, p. 6, 7).

The true number of Nazis planted in the US is impossible to know until the CIA opens its files. There were various programs with assorted code-names ("Overcast", "Paperclip", etc) designed to smuggle Nazi scientists (by the thousands) and (inexplicably) Nazi SS regulars (by the tens of thousands). It seems that the US militaries who were recruiting the Nazis after 1945 considered the SS as something similar to the US Marines, so they did their utmost to send them to the US.

Most of the older Nazis (scientists, etc) went straight to the US centers of power. Take the case of General Walter Dornberger. He was one of those responsible for the death of "At least 20,000 prisoners -many of them talented engineers who had been singled out for missile production...- [and who] were killed through starvation, disease, or execution..." Dornberger, after working for the US Air Force, went into the private industry and

"eventually rose to be a vice-president in the Bell Aerosystems Division of the Textron Corporation... He died peacefully in June 1980." (Christopher Simpson, "Blowback", Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1988, p. 27, 28).

The younger SS Nazis, who were brought to the US with their families (!), given free passage, board, emergency funds (with taxpayers money), and assisted to find jobs (at a time when American engineers were laid off), dispersed in the lower levels of the American society.

Did these Nazis, planted in the US society, influence it? The US government's "use of Nazis and collaborators in intelligence programs has left a mark on the life in the United States itself. This impact is what is known in spy jargon as "blowback," meaning unexpected and negative-effects at home that result from covert operations overseas." (Simpson, p. 5). [Excerpt again from the ZNet Commentary of February 11, 2006]

An additional, and very "interesting" aspect of Nazism in relation to the US is the following bit of information about one of the icons of America; Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Holmes’ Social Darwinism inevitably drove him to, also, become a fervent “Eugenicist”. That is, he became an adherent of “Eugenics”, a racist pseudoscience that promoted the idea of wiping away all human beings deemed “unfit”, preserving only those who conformed to a “Nordic” stereotype. Which, was and is, the core of Nazism!

“It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

[This was written by Holmes, in 1927, for the majority in the case of (Carrie) Buck v. Bell, upholding Virginia’s compulsory sterilization law. Carrie Buck became an unwed mother at the age of 17 after she was raped by a relative of her foster parents; therefore she was sexually promiscuous like her mother Emma Buck who was committed to a state institution.]

As a matter of fact, the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials quoted the, above mentioned, words of Holmes in their own defense!

So, Greece and Norway since 1945 have been under the "tutelage" of the US. Very simple to "prove": both are members of NATO. That is of a US "construct" that was (and is) a military instrument for US domination on the planet.

[Note: In the early 1960s I worked as a civil engineer for the Greek Air Force Public Works. By "Greek Public Works" it was meant works for the NATO airfields in Greece! The works in Greece were supervised for NATO, by a Norwegian engineering colleague named Viborg (I do not remember his first name), in addition to a Briton, a Turk, and an American.]

Of course, the US decided to dominate the planet in order to promote democracy. To do that it based its acts on the legacy of "Wild" Bill Donovan and the Dulles brothers. Who had contacts with the Nazis as early as 1943, two years before the end of the Second World War, in 1945, while ordinary Americans were dying fighting the Nazis.

Here is an example of this effort to promote democracy as described by Phil Agee in his book "Inside the Company" (the "Company" being the CIA). Agee relates how he summoned the usual team of neo-Nazi thugs in Quito, where he was part of the local CIA station, and supplied them with explosives. The thugs then blew up the main door of the Cathedral of the city. Next day, the papers angrily denounced the Maoists for carrying out that sacrilegious act. Agee and his colleagues were having a party with champagne, in the US Embassy, to celebrate their successful "operation".

This does not mean that the US conspired with Anders Behring Breivik to carry out his Christian duty. It means that the US by protecting the Nazis and the neo-Nazis and by using them as instruments of policy has created a breed of monsters that are spread all over the planet. Breivik is one of them.

Even worse than that, the neo-Nazis have entered in the Parliaments of the world. In Greece, dressed up with the mantel of "populism", they attempt to present themselves as regular human beings. They even "fight" for the rights of the "proletariat" more fervently than the... communists! By the way, the term "Nazi" is colloquial for the German word "Nationalsozialist", that is they are not only nationalists (i.e. "patriots") but also "socialists"!

[Very Important Note: According to Samuel Johnson (), that great British intellectual: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel!" How apt in the Breivik case!]


First, let us examine the term "monster". Is Breivik a monster? Was Hitler a monster?

Let us then, do the following mental exercise: Suppose that today we meet Breivik in the street and suppose that we angrily call him a "monster". Probably he will smile with an arrogant smile of self-satisfaction on his face. Now, suppose that, instead, in a calm and earnest way, we call him an "asshole". Probably he will be so angry that he would try to attack us, if he could.

The (Merriam) dictionary gives the following definition for "monster": "wicked, or cruel person". A rather weak characterization for Breivik or for Hitler. There is no need to define the term "asshole". Its meaning is universally and easily understood.

That an asshole is easily attracted to Nazism or neo-Nazism, is almost an axiom.

Yet, it is instructive to compare Breivik, the individual asshole, to more 'illustrious" members of his "tribe"; George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Yoo (of Berkeley), John Negroponte (the Greek), etc, etc. If the criterion is the number of dead and injured, then Breivik with only about 180 is small fry compared to the above "comrades" of his. W. Bush is responsible for more than one million. The Clintons (man and wife) for about 5 hundred thousand Iraqi infants. The Reagans (man and wife) for more than 2 hundred thousand in Central America. For the time being the number is not known for Obama and his wife.

As it usually happens with people like Breivik, they are classified as "psychotic loners".

No! Breivik is not a "psycho". He is, simply, an asshole. No one calls W. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al "psychos". What even their fellow-elites called them was: "crazies". So, Breivik can be characterized as a "crazie" not as a "psycho".

Whether an asshole is borne or "made" is a rather academic question. However, experience shows that the family, especially the mother, has a great influence. Can anyone ignore the fact that, Barbara, the mother of George Bush had a lot to do with who W. Bush turned out to be?

[Parenthesis: Here is a "vivid" case of the influence of parents on their children through example: About 25 years ago in the Greek town of P... I came to know two brothers, A... who was the butcher of the town and B... who was a shepherd tending sheep and goats. The shepherd supplied the butcher with meat from his herd by slaughtering the animals himself. After B..., the shepherd, married he had twin boys. Two very beautiful blond kids, which grew close to their father and the herd. When the kids were four or five, one of the sheep dogs gave birth to some puppies. The twins, imitating their father, slaughtered all the puppies. End of the Parenthesis.]

Whether it was Breivik's mother who turned him into an asshole who found "comfort" in neo-Nazism, again, it is rather irrelevant for the 800 relatives who lost their sons, daughters, brothers, etc. on the island of Utoya and in the buildings in Oslo. What is relevant is how these relatives should pay tribute to the victims of Breivik.

Flowers and praying in churches maybe a way to survive the first unbearable hours. That period is gone.

There is only one way to pay respect and tribute to the young people who lost their precious chance to experience the joy and the sadness of their life. That way is: to act.

The first act should be, for the 800 relatives, to come together and start talking to one another. Then, collectively, decide what their future acts should be.

Here is a proposal for a possible series of actions:

  • Appeal to the rest of the world to participate in your actions. Of the six billion humans on our planet, if one subtracts the younger than 18, the older than 70, the people that are so destitute that they struggle to stay alive each day, the 1/3 of any given population that consider themselves as "conservative" (Republicans, Christian Democrats, etc), and the elite of any society, one is left with about 1.3 billion of ordinary people that will be willing and able to participate in the taking of decisions and subsequently in the actions of the Utoya relatives.
  • Examine and discuss, what seems to be a truism: that the "official" state and the "official" justice should have nothing to do with the punishment of Breivik.

Could this be a "truism"?

Let us start at the "de facto" top of the world the US and the US Supreme Court. There are nine persons in the US Supreme Court who decide what is just and how the peoples of the world (not only the Americans) should live. Two of these nine persons are Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia. [No need to elaborate about them!]

Then, there are the numerous "representatives" of the population (plus their friendly "lobbyists") in the Congresses and the Parliaments of the world, who "manufacture" the laws. An unbelievable charade!

This, in its basics, is the justice system of the world in the 21st century.

[Note: I was present in the courtroom when, at 1:30 pm, the presiding judge announced that the three military leaders of the 1967 dictatorship in Greece were condemned to death. At 1:45 pm Karamanlis (uncle), the then Prime Minister, commuted the sentence to "life in prison", as directed by the US embassy. This kind of justice is not simply a charade it is immoral. End of Note.]

Breivik, should not be left to be part of this charade.

To us "outsiders" Norway seems to be an economic and social "paradise". Nevertheless, justice by a handful of persons is unacceptable. Also, we should not ignore the fact that the "officials" of almost all countries of the world have an agenda to please the Lord, i.e. the US elites, as mentioned above about NATO etc. These elites do not wish to lose their assets (following the CIA jargon), that is their neo-Nazi thugs.

So, what is to be done is that the Utoya relatives and their millions of possible world supporters should decide and demand that Breivik be punished collectively by them not "officially".

  • Decide, collectively, what the punishment for Breivik should be.

Does the Christian suggestion of "eye for an eye" hold for Breivik? The authors of this advice had a moral reason to suggest that the punishment should be equal to the crime, because the society it addressed then had the propensity to go for "two eyes, plus two ears, plus... for an eye". The benign justice of the civilized West considers "eye for an eye" as too un-Christian. So Breivik will get 21 years, according to the "official" justice system.

So, suppose that one condemns Breivik to die 70 times, or 80 times; equal to the number he murdered. [The present official system of justice considers this sentence as rational, symbolic or what?] In essence one is doing Breivik a favor. He will not have the trouble to commit suicide in his cell sometime in the future. Ilse Koch, the "bitch" of Buchenwald committed suicide while in prison, although one cannot say who is "tougher" Koch the "bitch" or Breivik the "asshole".

Also, the notion of avoiding "cruel and unusual punishment" has been an unbelievable exercise in hypocrisy. The very same people that support this notion do not give a shit about "unusual cruelty" when they use Napalm, Agent Orange, or drones to burn, poison, or dismember infants, children, and women. Crimes carried out this very minute by the US, in its NATO metamorphosis.

Breivik's expressed wish was to have an international forum through which to expand his Christian, "nationalistisch", and racist wisdom to the "washed" and blond masses. Let him have this forum!

Let Nuremberg be the first of a long [very long] series of forums for Breivik's expressed wish. The team of the Utoya relatives and their world supporters after demanding to have Breivik in their custody they will hand him to the local "chapter" of their team in Nuremberg who will organize a forum for Breivik in the bigger local stadium, with tens of thousands of ordinary people attending. Then, with Breivik standing alone in the middle of the stadium, these ordinary people will ask him to answer their questions. This should last as long as the people deem it is necessary (an adjective used by Breivik himself).

Then, the series of forums could continue with stadiums filled by ordinary people, in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Athens, Ankara, Gaza, Cairo, Tunis, New York, San Francisco, and on, and on. As long as it is deemed to be necessary.

It is not unreasonable to expect that at some point Breivik will realize that he is a mere asshole. That could be his punishment. No one will physically touch him or be violent against him. This is unusual punishment, but not cruel. It is moral punishment.

Let these stadiums be a boomerang to the world of neo-Nazism that breeds individuals like Breivik in Athens, in Rome, in Dresden, in Texas, and so on.

After that the "official" justice can have Breivik and do with him whatever they think is proper; execute him, incarcerate him, send him to Obama, etc.

However, the Utoya team, which by now after the stadiums could have evolved to a "World Utoya Movement" would be in a position not only to find and deal with the world Breivik neo-Nazis, but reach for something greater and nobler.

They will be in a position to face and defeat the David [Rockefeller]-Murdoch juggernaut of immorality, cruelty, and violence. To stop Iraqi-Afghanistan-type of aggression. To help the young people of Tahrir Square and beyond retain the dignity they earned with their blood, or to help the young people who are dying to gain that dignity with their blood in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, etc. Even help the ordinary Americans disentangle themselves from the embrace of that juggernaut and join the rest of the honest world.

This could be a deeply felt paying of respect to the young people of Utoya and Oslo.

Of course, there are two problems that could arise with the above proposals:

First: The above proposals will be characterized by people as utopian, and will be described with words as chaos, anarchy, etc. It rests with you, the relatives of Utoya and Oslo, a significant force of 800 pained people, and with your world supporters of millions, to honestly judge the validity and the feasibility of these proposals. History is replete with utopian struggles that have advanced the human race.
Second: The Obamas and their European underlings, the "creators" of Breiviks, and the Murdochs of the world will try to stop you. They will not be able to do that if 1.3 billion of humans are to support you.