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"Early briefings of Press and media where Institute of Statecraft has particular links with the Times, Telegraph, Guardian and BBC TV and radio and specialist correspondents. Need to strengthen with the Mail."

The document proves that Integrity Initative is not only influence network: "Use US and Canadian contacts to do likewise re powerful and influential North American networks."

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png project proposal  by Euan Grant dated June 2018
Subjects: oligarchs, media
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/6
Source: Anonymous (and Corruption Proposed Programme Link)

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Oligarchs and Corruption – Proposed programme and methodology for Outputs and Outcomes regarding countering Russian destabilisation and disinformation in the UK, European and international financial sectors

These points are not given in order of priority, though they are generally given so regarding chronology.

1. Brief key UK law enforcement agencies on ways of approaching, and whom will be approached in private and third sectors. Role of clusters and nature of their tasks and their composition. Similarities and differences, depending on regions. Crucial role of US governmental and third sector ( academia, foundations). Start with NCA inc. F&CO / DFID LO – still Nick Freeman? – and their embedded officer in Cabinet Office – Steve Kennedy. Very quickly cascade to MOD civil and military via existing contacts, esp. in 77 Brigade. Move on to Met, City of London, HMRC – Phil contacts valuable here, and to Police Scotland. See 3. Re Europol. Not yet Interpol. Probably not at all.

2. Outline past work against Russian, Russian speaking and Russian linked “organised crime” and how it is flawed due to lack of understanding. Base upon Phil Matthews’ critique. New measures needed for outputs and outcomes. Highlight proxy role of organised crime groups as vehicles for state – and vice versa. Stress not just FSB / SVR but also serving and “ former” armed forces and military industrial complex, centred round GRU. Highlight the links but also the gaps and differences between street impacting criminals and the oligarchs. Not quite chalk and cheese, but near that.

3. Prepare both basic PowerPoints and more detailed aide memoire on where the above entities fit in and are linked, and the causation and correlation natures of links.

4. Early approaches to be made to major banks with contacts to test out responses ( UBS, HSBC as the biggest and most international , and where latter’s non - executive director Nigel Evans has recommended an old contact – Nick Fishwick. Involving IT, security and traders and analysts and, in particular, LE liaison and especially former or current reservist armed forces- this is vital, and there are expected to be quite a few.

5. Following evaluations of 4, modify and report back to LEAs and F&CO, Cabinet Office. Seek to deliver to Rob Wainwright as a cascade to accountancy firms and links to pan European institutions and to agencies in key MS. Coordination and communication vital here. Care needed. and o, ca

6. Deliver material, ideas and feedback so far to range of banks, fund managers and insurers via BBA and ABI.

7. Prepare modified briefings of 3 – there will be considerable differences, for anti-corruption and taxation reform groups. Early discussions hoped for at 7th June Fair Taxation Conference. There will be resistance, as many of these groups do not recognise severity of Russia cyber-attacks – they would not call it warfare – and disinformation campaigns. Deliver these briefings and report early to F&CO on results.

8. Prepare list of outputs and outcomes. These will centre on displacement of assets and activity to EU states and third country sovereign nations and dependent states, and -0 crucially – effectiveness of measures to identify these movements. They are vital to determine success or otherwise re UWOs.

9. Early briefings of Press and media where IOS has particular links with the Times, Telegraph, Guardian and BBC TV and radio and specialist correspondents. Need to strengthen with the Mail.

Particular work re Scotland with David Leask of The Herald. Demonstrate that IOS has a cab rank of researchers and subjects where proactive contributions can be given in advance, or at near real time.

10. Much recent thinking has been given in form of fiction. Approach through contractors – e.g. BBC – producers of such as series Two of McMafia- the organisation behind the televising of the Charles Cumming “ Kell” books. Alert press, radio, tv to their relevance and authenticity in order to contribute to publicity and discussion ahead of, and during, broadcasting. Alert relevant foreign clusters to this, for them to arrange similar domestic articles, UK articles in their media, and their own in English language media. Use US and Canadian contacts to do likewise re powerful and influential North American networks.

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30th May 2018