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A trip report by Euan Grant

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png post trip report  by Euan Grant dated 26 December 2018
Subjects: China
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/4
Source: Anonymous (Link)

The sentence 'Euan Graham, ex UK Cabinet Office now at' is cut of in the original document. Euan Graham is the Executive Director of La Trobe Asia, a part of Australian La Trobe University, "established to provide leadership on all aspects of the University's engagement with Asia.[1] He is also resident fellow of the Australian deep state think-tank Lowy Institute.

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Authors: Euan GRANT (one attended also by Keith Sargent)

Date/s: 16th and 20th July 2018


Henry Jackson Society



Euan Gran
Keith Sargent


Presentation by Greg Sheridan Foreign Editor of The Australian 16th July 2018

OUTPUT Awareness raising of Chinese MOs in influencing politicians, academia and business groups in Australia – which parallels Russian activity in Europe and widens reciprocal awareness.

OUTCOME Corroboration on multiple issues obtained which can be used to highlight similarities and differences between Russian influence building and Chinese. May be of particular interest to French cluster given French commercial interests – submarines- and territories in region.

ACTION Contact established with speaker by email, introducing and inviting him to contact IIsheridang@ and + 61 3 9292 2809 and This could cascade to other Australian links such as Euan Graham, ex UK Cabinet Office now at



Euan Grant

ACTIVITY Adm, CHEN Yeong-Kang (Richard) former Deputy Defence Minister of Taiwan.

OUTPUT Material obtained on Taiwanese concerns about Chinese commercial influence in the key state of Singapore and on a crucial indicator of limits to that influence – Chinese requests to provide training facilities to Singapore military have been rebuffed.

OUTCOME Crucial risk / influence indicators identified, especially regarding training facilities which Russia is now deploying in African countries previously in western – French – areas of influence.

ACTION Business cards exchanged with Adm. Chen and Mr. Counsellor at the Singaporean High Commission and from Singapore Mop. Project was approached by both, being the first approach in the room from Adm. Chen: and mobile + 905 360 535 . Peter MOK, Counsellor, High Commission of Singapore - 0207 316 3180, mobile 07843 747 726 and .