Document:The Last Kazakh Warning to Putin: Vaccination and Greed of Elites as the Cause of Revolution in Kazakhstan

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Disclaimer (#3)Document.png Article of unknown authorship dated 05 January 2022
Subjects: Kazakhstan, Color revolution, Mukhtar Ablyazov
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Translated from the original, key excerpts from the article here.

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The Last Kazakh Warning to Putin: Vaccination and Greed of Elites as the Cause of Revolution in Kazakhstan


Another republic of the former Soviet Union and a strategic ally of Russia - Kazakhstan has been dragged into a classic color revolution. And although it is obvious that the conductors of the current events are in Paris, London and Washington and their goal is to weaken China and implement the old Masonic idea of "united Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok", the reason for the protests was given by the local authorities, who cared only about their own pockets and fulfillment of the globalists' covid instructions, hoping to negotiate with the devil. In other words, they did what the Russian "elite" did. Gas prices, about which the Russian state media are screaming, have become nothing more than a pretext for mass protests. The "technocrats" in power in Kazakhstan (hail "our" Mishustin with Kiriyenko) have driven the people to white balls by the drop in the standard of living and compulsory vaccination with QR-codes, as well as missed the preparation of protests by Soros structures. This, namely their stupidity and inability to see a threat even on their own skin, is one of the main differences between technocrats and traditional rulers, of which Alexander Lukashenko is a good example. But Lukashenko sat because he had someone to lean on. Putin and his comrades have no one to lean on - the people and the army and the church will not defend the servants of the globalists. That's why the Russian elite must deeply study the Kazakh experience, if they certainly do not want to step on their neighbors' rake.

Apparently, Russia is one step away from losing one of its main allies, without which it will lose influence in all of Central Asia. Power is slipping from the hands of local technocrats and former head of state Nazarbayev in real time and it is time for President Tokayev to sit down next to Yanukovich and start writing the second volume of the book: "How to lose everything and understand nothing".

Formally, the protests began on January 2 in the west of the country in the town of Zhanaozen, Mangistau region, after the price per liter of liquefied gas rose to 120 tenge ($0.27) on January 1. The protesters demanded that the gas price be reduced to 60 tenge ($0.13), but were simply not noticed by the authorities or the mass media, and therefore calmly spilled over into the rest of the country. Moreover, the country's leadership was fully confident that everything "will go away by itself," and experts on TV gave the example of the Europeans, where, they said, they walked around and went home. But these experts didn't take into consideration the most actual things - there are no Soros in Europe, USAID (recognized as undesirable in Russia), which openly work with both government officials and civil activists, and NED Foundation, which openly and since the middle of December was waiting for riots and supported "Wake up, Kazakhstan (Oyan, Kazakhstan)" movement, which now is trying to saddle the protests.

But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the authorities of Kazakhstan, just like the authorities of the Russian Federation, refused to see the protests of people against mandatory vaccination, vaccination of children and pregnant women and QR codes. They couldn't solve problems with wild prices on food, lack of gasoline and diesel fuel, drought and loss of livestock, but like their Russian colleagues they fulfilled all orders of WHO and IMF, bringing people to the point, that any reason would be a spark which Lenin spoke about hundred and more years ago. In the end, the technocrats began to react only when the Kazakh revolt turned from pure economics to politics, and militants and protesters began to capture administrative buildings and TV channels. But the protesters seized the presidential residence in Alma-Ata. The total number of victims in Kazakhstan has already exceeded 700 people, including about 150 policemen and soldiers. So far, there is no confirmed information about the dead.

Now President Tokayev has already agreed to everything, even firing Nazarbayev, but time is already lost and nobody wants to talk to him. The only thing that can save his skin is introduction of the martial law and brutal suppression of the protest. However, he is unable to do that because he is too bound to the West that is already counting " the benefits " from the appearance of the "new Ukraine" under the belly of Russia and China. It is meaningless to list everything that is happening there now - the events are developing at such a speed that any information will be outdated by the time of publication. It is much more important for us to understand the reasons, because much of what is happening there is too similar to what is happening in Russia.

Let us begin with the main factors that drove people into the streets. The main one is the drop in the standard of living (which officially does not exist) and the rise in prices (hello to Rosstat, the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation, together with the Central Bank of Russia, who counts inflation for us. Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation together with the Central Bank and who else counts inflation for us). Last year in Kazakhstan prices on goods according to official data have soared by 8,9%, which is higher than in Russia. Prices of foodstuffs grew most noticeably in Kazakhstan: plus 11.3% for the year in October 2021. In July and August of this year there was an unusual price increase for long storage vegetables (potatoes, carrots and beet), which was uncharacteristic for summer months and record over the past years, against the background of their deficit of supply at the end of the mid-season. With the depletion of domestic stocks before the new harvest arrives, the monthly increase in prices for these products in June showed a record for the past few years, which led to a sharp jump in the annual inflation rate (by 30.6% against the same period a year earlier). In October 2021, the annual increase in consumer prices for vegetables was 25.5%. Meat rose by 10.3%, sunflower oil by 56.2% for the year, and sugar by 32.1% for the year.

Also in October, the country faced a shortage of diesel fuel. The situation has affected not only the rise in the cost of diesel fuel, but also created problems for transport companies, KTZ, as well as created risks for the stable operation of utilities and road services. Diesel fuel at many gas stations in the country during these weeks was sold only on coupons, and to some there was no fuel at all. According to official data, the increase in gasoline prices was (+15.6% for the year) and diesel fuel (+24.4% for the year) or a quarter. The fuel shortage was supplemented by a shortage of electricity. In a number of regions, electricity supply was suspended during peak hours in order to save electricity. In addition, in the west of Kazakhstan in the summer of 2021 there was a heat wave and lack of precipitation, which led to a massive drought. Farmers incurred huge losses, in the Mangistau region and the Aral district of Kyzylorda region cattle deaths were recorded everywhere. Terrifying images of emaciated animals that their owners were forced to feed with cardboard paper circulated on the Web. Despite the grave situation, the Ministry of Agriculture was in no hurry to promptly help the farmers.

Objectively speaking, the price of autogas in Kazakhstan is several times lower than in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine - even after the increase. But if it were only a matter of gas, there would be no protests. As the residents of the Russian north of the country write, the worst thing in this situation is that the technocrats had no positive plan to improve the situation of the people, but had plans to drive people into holes with lockdowns and inject them to death.

In Russia, the state media are trying to keep quiet about it, but one of the main reasons for the current protests is not the economy at all, but the new restrictions that were going to be introduced on January 5. Because of the rapid spread of the Omicron strain, unvaccinated citizens were promised not to be allowed to enter places of mass gathering: banks, post offices, bathhouses, fitness halls, public service centers, not to mention shopping and entertainment centers.

This is after lockdowns and vaccinations in the worst European and Australian traditions. The news of the new lockdown was the second reason for the revolt. To understand, Kazakhstan has become the toughest country for vaccinations, quarantines and restrictions in the CIS, constantly testing the people's strength. Aizhan Esmagambetova, Chairman of the Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, stated that since the beginning of the year workers who refuse mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 will be fined: "Administrative responsibility in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offences is provided for violation of the decision of the Chief State Sanitary Inspector. Administrative responsibility is provided both for individuals - 5 monthly calculation indices, and for legal entities", - said Esmagambetova at the briefing, answering the question what sanctions are provided for refusal to vaccinate and undergo PCR-testing for coronavirus. She noted that the employer can also be held administratively liable for failure to comply. The current lockdown after all the restrictions and vaccinations would be the 4th for Kazakhstan since the beginning of 2021, although a number of them were not in the whole country. It makes no sense to say how many small enterprises were closed because of it, and people were left without livelihood. And no one will say, because they were not counted.

But in summer the local branch of WHO, the "interdepartmental commission on non-proliferation of COVID-19" recommended the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Kazakhstan to forbid those who had not been injected with the experimental potion to work in the service sector, at industrial enterprises and in the work collectives over 20 people.

Starting November 15 last year, schools and medical institutions in Kazakhstan began vaccinating teenagers, pregnant and lactating women against coronavirus with the Pfizer formula. Starting November 22, vaccination began in the city of Aktobe, and only eight lactating women and four adolescents were vaccinated. In October 2021, Kazakhstan's chief sanitary doctor, Yerlan Kiyasov, approved methodological recommendations for vaccinating adolescents with Pfizer's drug. "We are watching now, everything seems to be going well. We haven't seen any obvious problems. Babies, pregnant and breastfeeding children are easily tolerated," said the head of their Ministry of Health.

In general, the authorities of Kazakhstan did everything they could to make as many people as possible hate them and take part in the protests. At that, like in Russia, the total hatred and mistrust to the regime was masked by deliberate lies from the court sociologists, who, like in our country, sang the mantra: "All is well in Baghdad".

Of course, the US and British agents, who were favored by Kazakh authorities, could not but use it. Turkish trail is put aside, because both, present authorities and rebels are totally pro-Turkish and they are benefiting anyway. But destabilization in Kazakhstan is just a New Year's present for the US and Britain. To create a "new Ukraine" with such a border with Russia and China, to start pogroms of Russians and kick out Chinese businesses, to support Uighurs not only with words, but also with fighters with weapons - just a dream of grandfather Soros.

In all, the Kazakh elite helped the Soros as much as it could, just as Kirienko's department helped and helps the organizations which were the foreigners to receive presidential grants, supported all sorts of Morgensterns, etc.

However, in Russia, fortunately, in addition to Kiriyenko, there is a "power tower", which has at least slightly thinned out these residents - in Kazakhstan, by the way, there are still operating what is banned in Russia, the Soros Foundation, USAID, "National Endowment for Democracy" NED, etc.

The total number of NGOs in the republic has grown significantly in the past 15 years. In 2003, there were about 2,000 NGOs, but now there are 22,000. Approximately 200 non-governmental organizations in Kazakhstan receive foreign funding, and 70 percent of these funds come from the United States. This data was cited by Minister of Public Development Darkhan Kaletaev in his report at the Civil Forum in Astana. "There are 53 international organizations, 30 foreign state organizations, and 77 foreign NGOs and foundations operating in Kazakhstan today," he noted. Moreover, since 2019, on the one hand, actively working with elites, especially regional ones, on the other hand, openly worked against Nazarbayev and Atayev, promoting Russophobia (for example, blaming Russia for sugar prices) and agitating for "the way to Europe." The Foundation for Strategic Culture wrote about this in 2019 in its big piece "U.S. Increases Pressure on Kazakhstan". Who was not among the NGOs? Of course, representatives of Russia. Thus, our country did not react in any way to the arrest of one of the few supporters of Russia - Yermek Taichibekov. Not only it didn't oppose to his arrest, but didn't even grant him citizenship last year. Moreover, it did it exponentially under the talk about "friendship of our countries". However, the main question now is what Moscow will do if ethnic cleansing of the Russians in the North begins. Given the activism of the nationalists, this scenario is far from being a fantasy.

Of course, there are also fugitive oligarchs. Thus, Mukhtar Ablyazov, accused of corruption and living in Europe, does not even try to deny that he actively supports riots, dreaming that Kazakhstan would be like Ukraine and Armenia.

Mukhtar Ablyazov-Facebook.jpg

In addition to these reasons, one can find a hundred more ethnic and regional problems, like the competition between junior and senior bourgeois, the strengthening of nationalists under Turkish leadership, the betrayal of the elite under London's control, and so on and so forth. Coups in general include the sum of all factors, most of which we can see in our country also, from corona crisis according to WHO methodology and the destruction of economy according to IMF templates to self-soothing of authorities through their own experts and increasing discontent of "fugitive oligarchs" who keep their agents in RF governing bodies. And it would be a good idea to study the Kazakh experience if we were the relevant agencies. But at that the main conclusion is obvious: brutal attitude to their own people and betrayal of national interests for a carrot from globalists in any case will be backfire for the authorities themselves, no matter how much they would count on agreements with bankers and other "money masters". You don't reach an agreement with the devil, you banish him; that is exactly how the Russian civilization acted at its peak.

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