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More can be said about the race question. Guaido was almost certainly chosen because he reminds his American handlers of Obama, the master con artist. The thinking is that a Guaido can fool the colored Venezuelan masses.

But another aspect is completely ignored, even by "Progressives": Zionists hate the Chavistas because of their sympathy for Palestine and because several high-ranking Chavistas are of Arab descent. Israel is furious that Iran has good relations with Venezuela.

That's the real race issue and it has consequences more significant than the 400 years of white domination. Israel just sent about 100 troops to Brazil ostensibly to help with the mine tailings distaster but actually they went to the Venezuelan border...

The Zionist Neo-Cons want Maduro gone because they cant dominate him nor tell him who he can associate with nor can they force Telesur to stop portraying Palestinians in a favorable light.

Then of course we have the banking cartles, all Zionist, and Maduro is selling oil in Yuan...these are the reasons for Trump's regime change schemes. User:Coast2coast (talk) 16:55, 18 Feb 2019 (IST)