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A list of people whose sudden death is associated with the Dutroux Affair
A film about Marc Dutroux by Piet Eekman from 2001.

Olenka Frenkiel reported in 2002 in The Guardian, that:

"Since 1995, there have been 20 unexplained deaths of potential witnesses connected with Dutroux."[1]

In 2001 the German public-service television ZDF broadcasted a documentary about the dying of witnesses connected to the Dutroux affair.[2] According to that investigation, the number is as high as 27.[3]


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Among the dead are:[4]

  • July 4, 1995: Alexandre Gosselin, Bernard Weinstein's neighbor;
  • August 25, 1995: Guy Goebels, gendarme investigating the disappearance of Julie and Melissa, committed suicide in his apartment with his service weapon;
  • November 1995: Bernard Weinstein, Dutroux's accomplice, poisoned by Dutroux;
  • November 5, 1995: Bruno Tagliaferro, poisoned scrap dealer who wanted to testify against Dutroux;
  • April 2, 1995: Jean-Pol Taminiau disappears, he had rented a garage near a hangar rented by Dutroux. One year after the disappearance a foot of Taminiau is found;
  • July 26, 1995: Francois Reyskens, run over by a train shortly before a hearing;
  • February 21, 1996: Simon Poncelet, a policeman investigating the Dutroux car-jacking milieu, was shot dead in his office during the night shift;
  • August 22, 1996: Michel Binon, acquaintance of Marc Dutroux, suicide;
  • December 5, 1996: Michel Poiro, nightclub owner who was acquainted with Michel Nihoul, shot dead before a meeting with the parents of Julie and Melissa;
  • March 5, 1997: Joseph Toussaint, confessor of Michelle Martin, died of a heart attack;
  • March 7, 1997: Christian Coenraets, inmate who was supposed to testify about his relationship with Weinstein but fled the day before testifying, is found dead a month later;
  • April 25, 1997: José Steppe, dies two days before he was supposed to testify to a journalist and the gendarmerie;
  • July 2, 1997: Virginie Pinon, almost-victim of Dutroux, dies of mucoviscidose;
  • November 16, 1997: Gérard Vannesse, Gendarme officer and one of the runners of Nihoul, dies of a thrombosis;
  • April 5, 1998: Brigitte Jenart, a friend of Michel Nihoul, commits suicide;
  • April 7, 1998: Anna Konjevoda is found dead in the Maas (a river), the body shows signs of beatings and strangulation;
  • November 15, 1998: Gina Pardaens, social worker who looks after victims of a child pornography ring, dies in a traffic accident after receiving death threats;
  • December 18, 1998: Fabienne Jaupart, wife of Bruno Tagliaferro, burns to death in her bed;
  • July 13, 1999: Hubert Massa, a public prosecutor commits suicide;
  • August 15, 1999: Grégory Antipine, police officer, commits suicide by hanging;
  • November 4, 1999: Sandra Claeys, Michel Lelièvre's ex-girlfriend commits suicide;
  • March 1, 2001: Jean-Jacques Feront, paedophile hunter who dies of a heart attack;
  • March 28, 2001: Nadège Renard, ex-girlfriend of Jean-Pol Taminiau, dies in a car accident;
  • May 17, 2001: Pierre-Paul "Pepe" De Rycke, acquaintance of Michel Nihoul, commits suicide;